10 Things Americans Need to Avoid Doing in Europe

Don’t Generalize “Europe”

The most common response from those answering what to avoid while traveling in Europe is simple: don’t generalize Europe. One reader points out that the continent has more than forty countries. Another highlights that some customs in countries are in opposition.

2. Don’t Just Eat at American Chain Restaurants

While it may be tempting to get something familiar that reminds you of home, several people say that while traveling, it’s a waste of time to eat at global chains like McDonald’s and Burger King.

3. Don’t Leave Your Things Unattended or Out of Sight

Several travelers warn about pickpockets in major European cities like Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. They suggest keeping belongings like bags and purses in your sight so that potential thieves can’t snatch them up.

4. Scandinavia: Don’t Get Too Close or Chat

Many commenters point out, there are differences in culture across Europe. If you’re in any Scandinavian country, you should avoid small talk or getting too near strangers in public because the culture is about minding your own business.

5. Don’t Use Currency Exchanges in Tourist Areas

Currency exchanges are a dime a dozen in most major cities in the U.S., and the same is true in Europe. But numerous travelers warn against using them because of their high commissions for making cash exchanges.

6. Don’t Compare Prices to Dollars Out Loud

Doing exchange rate math in your head makes sense when traveling, but one conscientious commenter says you shouldn’t talk loudly about how much cheaper items are than they would be back home.

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