Visiting Cartagena Colombia? Here Are the Top 15 Things to Do

1. Stroll the Streets of the Walled City

The Walled City is the highlight of Cartagena and a beautiful attraction for you to visit. The neighborhood is lined with designer boutiques, lavish hotels, top restaurants, and a splendid market.

2. Visit Getsamani

Getsemani, located right outside Cartagena’s historical center, is an absolute work of art. The streets are worth taking a stroll and enjoying the vividness, creativity, and great local food.

4. Go to Cafe Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar is a famous restaurant in Cartagena to enjoy the sunset. The drink variety is great, but the menu options are low. The view is excellent, though, with a rooftop sitting and orange sunset.

5. Castillo San Felipe

The San Felipe Castle is another historic site in Cartagena. Stretching back in time to the Spanish Colonial era, the castle was built to protect the Spanish-Caribbean trade of Cartagena.

5. Rent a Boat for the Day to Rosario Islands

Rosario Islands (Islas del Rosario) are an archipelago and undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking islands of Colombia. They are even counted among the Natural National Parks of Colombia.

6. Cholon Island Party

Cholon Island is the most famous holiday destination in Colombia. The Cholon Island party is every weekend with people bustling, from locals to tourists. It is only a 40 min boat ride from the heart of Cartagena and a must-visit place for party lovers.

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