Top 16 Things Every Germaphobe Should Pack When Traveling

1 Slippers

Hotel floors are disgusting. Why? A carpet is a giant sponge that soaks up anything it comes in contact with. No matter how thoroughly carpets are cleaned, they will never be completely germ-free.

2 Hand Sanitizer

Everyone knows it’s wise to have a bottle of good old hand sanitizer with you for instant access wherever you may be. This is especially true when you are traveling.

3 Ice pack/Ice

Have you seen those ice machines at a hotel ever being cleaned? Me neither. Who knows what mold and unknown life forms dwell in the machine? The solution? Bring your own ice packs to freeze at the hotel, or buy a bag of ice at the nearest convenience store.

4 Tissues

What does every sick person reach for when they have the sniffles? The tissue box. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen or heard of anyone ever cleaning the tissue box. A germaphobe may find comfort in bringing their tissues if you think you’re going to need them.

5 Disinfectant Wipes

Probably the handiest, and my personal favorite, is a package of good old disinfectant wipes. You can wipe down almost anything with these gems.

6 Disinfectant Spray

Can you guess what happened on that hotel bed before your visit? Unmentionable things. Things we won’t talk about, but it’s a safe bet there were germs involved. Bring some disinfectant spray and you’ll rest a lot easier knowing you’ve killed a few germs before going to bed.

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