A Close-up Look at Tulips (Like, Really Close Up) Plus Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Say It With Color

Tulips come in almost every color, and different colors have different meanings. Red flowers symbolize true love, while white represents purity, honor, and holiness. White can also mean “I’m sorry” which could come in handy if you need to send a meaningful apology.

Don’t Miss the Bloom

Weather plays a big role in how long tulips stay in bloom. If it’s warm out, tulips only bloom for 3-7 days. Cooler weather helps keep them around for one to two weeks. Large display gardens like those participating in the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington state plant bulbs on a staggered schedule.

There Are Many, Many Types of Tulips

Did you know there are more than 150 species of tulips? Not to confuse you, but there are more than 3000 varieties among the different species…and the tulip also happens to be part of the lily family.

No, we’re not talking about what happens in during spring. The first Tulip Mania happened in the 1600’s when tulips were the most expensive flower in the world. It’s said that in the Netherlands, a tulip bulb was worth 10x the average man’s salary.

Tulip Mania

Tulips love the spring sunshine and will lean towards it as they grow. Actually, they’ll even lean toward it in a vase! To keep them upright, rotate the vase each day to give each side equal amounts of time in the sun.

Bring on the Sunshine

Tulip buds are not only pretty to look at, they are almost perfectly symmetrical. Our eyes are drawn to symmetry, which explains why we love them so much!

Practically Perfect in Every Way

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