Underrated U.S. Cities That Deserve Your Attention

The United States of America is home to some of the most beautiful, intriguing, and captivating cities on the planet. But hidden within our 50 states are some seriously underrated cities that make for amazing travel destinations.

Pensacola, FL

With white sandy beaches and plenty of local charm, this place is a hidden gem for tourists who want to experience the magic of a Florida vacation without traveling to overcrowded cities like Orlando or Miami.

Fort Collins, CO

Places like Denver, Aspen, and Boulder might be synonymous with Colorado vacationing, but tucked away at the very top of the state is an idyllic destination that has tremendous value to offer.

Santa Fe, NM

The oldest capital city in America, this spot is chock full of history and culture. From a strong Native American Pueblo presence to a slew of intriguing museums and historic sites like ruins and centuries-old adobe structures,

Austin, TX

Austin is famous for hosting vibrant music festivals that celebrate this art form to the fullest. But music performances aren’t just reserved for professional shows in Austin.

Long Island City, NY

Located just across the East River in relation to Manhattan, Long Island City offers more affordable lodging, a variety of local eateries which are full of character,

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