Visit These Caribbean Islands If You Don't Like Crowds

Nestled just south of the main island of Cuba and surrounded by a chain of white sand keys, Isla de la Juventud is technically a part of Cuba, though, in many ways, it feels a world away. Many visitors compare it to a Cuba of the past.

Isla de la Juventud

Just a tiny island off the coast of Puerto Rico, Vieques has long been a popular destination with in-the-know travelers looking for one of the best Caribbean islands you can visit from the United States without a passport.


Part of the French-controlled Caribbean, Guadeloupe has all the charm and beauty of other French Caribbean colonies like St. Barths and St. Martin, but with just a fraction of the visitors.


Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, the tiny island nation of Dominica is one of the best spots in the Caribbean for ecotourism.


If you’re a fan of Ernest Hemingway, you may have heard of Cayo Guillermo; the author’s work “Islands in the Stream” lauds this tiny island off the northern coast of Cuba for its incredible natural beauty, shallow coral reefs, and crystal clear waters.

Cayo Guillermo

The rugged and natural Cayo Jutias is yet another under-the-radar island off the coast of mainland Cuba, home to several untouched, wild beaches that make this unique Caribbean destination a true off-the-grid escape.

Cayo Jutias

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