People Are Sharing Traditions They Always Do When Visiting a New Country

What Do You Do?

One of the most fun aspects of traveling is starting and following a tradition whenever you go someplace new. A sightseer on a recent online travel thread describes how their ritual is to try the pizza in every country they visit. Other responses were equally fascinating and fun.

1. Local Grocers and Markets

Numerous people describe visiting local grocery stores and farmer’s markets as their must-do travel ritual. Going to the local grocer allows them to get a feel for the local cuisine and see what types of food are available there that isn’t sold at home.

2. Pub Crawls

For several beer enthusiasts, there’s no better way to simultaneously shake off travel fatigue and get to know the culture of the place you’re visiting than going on a pub crawl.

3. Food Tours

Many described going on food tours where they try a specific type of food in whatever country they visit. Users describe buying ice cream, walking around to sightsee, and visiting McDonald’s restaurants outside of the United States “to see what different items they have on their menus.”

4. Country Drives

Few things are as relaxing as a leisurely drive through the countryside. Driving in a new country as a traveler adds an element of adventure. One admits, “Every country I visit, I make it a point to go out into the countryside and do a drive around.

5. Go Your Own Way

Instead of seeing the run-of-the-mill tourist traps, some opt to take the road less traveled by shopping at local places where tourists usually do not go. Someone describes how they “take inexpensive local buses.

6. Find Unique Attractions

Have you ever heard of the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which displays medical oddities? How about the Sulabh Museum of Toilets in Delhi, India? Several travelers say they intentionally seek unique attractions such as these as a compelling alternative to well-known museums and attractions.

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