Visiting Panama City, Panama? Here are the Top 18 Things To Do There

Why Is Panama City So Special

Panama City is home to beautiful islands and beaches. It has all the tourist spots a traveler desires to make their trip memorable. Top of the list is the Panama Canal: one of the seven man-made wonders of the modern world!

1. Panama Canal

The man-made wonder of the modern world, the Panama Canal, is a 77km artificial waterway that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean across the Isthmus of Panama.

2. Casco Viejo

Away from the tall skyscrapers, this breathtaking corner of the city best preserves its old culture and heritage architecture. With quaint colonial buildings and time-worn churches, it’s the perfect place for sightseeing, museums, or taking a (self) guided tour.

3. Plaza Bolivar

Plaza Bolivar is another architectural masterpiece in Panama. The Plaza has a giant statue of one of the most famous South American historical figures, Simon Bolivar. He liberated Panama along with Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela.

4. Panama la Vieja

To get deeper into the history, head to Panama La Vieja, one of the oldest ruins of the early Spanish settlements. Built in 1519, the old citadel sustained countless attacks from bands of marauding pirates over the years, wearing it down bit by bit.

5. Biomuseo

Brought the kids along? Biomuseo is a fantastic family-friendly experience. Positioned at the juncture of South and North America, the museum explains how the two continents connected and how this tectonic event impacted the biodiversity of our whole world forever.

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