Want to Eat Healthy on Vacation? Here’s How

Do Your Research

Before you leave for your trip, do a bit of research about the local cuisine. Find out the ingredients used in popular dishes and buy them at a grocery store when you visit.

Make a Plan Before Leaving

If you know you’ll be traveling for a while, make a food plan before leaving. You can pack healthy snacks (like trail mix) and meals to eat on the go. With this, you won’t be tempted to buy unhealthy food at the airport.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is crucial when traveling, especially if you’re flying. The dry air in airplanes can dehydrate your skin and cause headaches.

Eat Breakfast

Whenever possible, try to eat breakfast before starting your day of travel. Eating breakfast will help you avoid snacking on unhealthy foods later in the day.

Avoid Processed Snacks

While traveling, it’s easy to grab unhealthy snacks like chips or candy bars. But these snacks are loaded with empty calories and won’t do anything to satisfy your hunger.

Eat Regular Meals

Try to eat regular meals while traveling; skipping meals will only make you crave unhealthy foods later.

Choose Healthy Restaurants

When looking for a place to eat, try to find restaurants serving healthy food. Look for restaurants that use fresh ingredients and offer vegetarian or vegan options.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Drinking alcohol can quickly derail your healthy eating plan. Alcohol is full of empty calories and can dehydrate your body.

Want to Eat Healthy on Vacation? Here’s How