Washington, DC: 9 Fascinating Easter Eggs Worth Finding

Washington, DC is a city full of surprises and fun finds. From secret rooms to hidden messages, there are countless Easter eggs waiting to be discovered. Here are nine you can look for on your next trip to the capital of the United States.

The Hidden Statue in the Lincoln Memorial

Nestled within the Lincoln Memorial, a lesser-known statue of Abraham Lincoln as a young lawyer sits, providing a unique perspective on the revered president’s life and journey.

The Secret Rooms at the White House

Behind closed doors, the White House holds a fascinating array of secret rooms, including a private movie theater and a bowling alley, offering a glimpse into the hidden leisurely activities of past presidents.

The Secret Tunnels Underneath the Capitol

Beneath the grandeur of the Capitol lies a network of secret tunnels, originally intended for transportation and storage, adding an air of mystery and historical significance to this iconic building.

The Secret Apartments in the Jefferson Memorial

A remarkable feature of the Jefferson Memorial is its discreet inclusion of four miniature apartments, once intended for the monument’s caretaker and their family.

The Secret Rooftop Garden at the Kennedy Center

Venture to the rooftop of the Kennedy Center, where an enchanting secret garden awaits. With breathtaking city views and an array of sculptures and greenery, it provides a serene escape from the bustling city below.

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