5 Washington State Attractions Everyone Should See

Seattle Space Needle

Seattle has A LOT to offer, and the Space Needle is one of many places tourists like to visit in WA state. It’s viewed as an icon that represents Washington’s earliest achievements.

Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

Who wouldn’t want to see the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum themselves with stunning reviews? This museum may not seem interesting initially. After all, it’s only glass, right?

Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival

Looking for something to do during the Winter season? Try checking out Leavenworth’s Christmas Lighting Festival! Watch in awe as the entire city lights up to look like a replica of a beautiful Bavarian Village!

Hands-on Children’s Museum

Kids love this place. If you have kids, this is the perfect place to visit! Everyone in WA state knows about the Hands-On Children’s Museum in Olympia.

Cat Tales  Wildlife Center

Cat Tales is a USDA Licensed Exhibitor that aids in rescuing and protecting big cats and Northwest Wildlife. As of 2022, it’s now rated One of the Top 3 Places to visit in Spokane, WA.

National Parks and Wildlife

Most tourists who come to WA are interested in the beautiful Northwest hiking and natural wildlife. Though you’d think this would be a free experience, you still have to pay to park.

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