March - September see the highest temperatures with the least amount of rain in Hawaii.

Months with the Best Weather in Hawaii

When to avoid crowds in Hawaii

Visit during the shoulder seasons for the fewest crowds. That's April-May for the Spring and September-October for the Fall.

Best Time to See Whales in Hawaii

Book your stay between November and May for the best chance at seeing whales.  To increase your odds, plan to be in Maui between mid-January and March.

Best Time for Surfing in Hawaii

Head to the North Shore of Oahu between November and February for the biggest waves and world class surfing.

You'll save the most money on both your flight and hotel if you plan your visit for September.

Cheapest Month to Travel to Hawaii

Which Hawaiian Island is the Cheapest to Visit

Book your stay in Oahu for the best chance of finding cheaper hotels, activities, and excursions.

When to Avoid Box Jellyfish Invasions in Oahu

Expect beaches to be closed for three days eight to 10 days after a full moon. (Seriously!)

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