Want Free Travel? Learn How to Easily Use Credit Cards to Rack Up Points for Flights and Hotels

What is Travel Hacking?

Travel hacking is the mode of gaining free or cheaper travel by earning points and miles through credit card sign-ups and bonuses. Simply put, credit card companies want people to sign-up for their cards.

What is Credit Card Churning?

Credit card churning opens up cards, hits the sign-up bonuses, and closes them. People will use credit card churning to earn air miles, travel rewards, or cashback.

How Credit Card Churning Affects Credit

When opening up new credit cards, you must be wary about the factors forming your credit score and how companies look at how much you are spending and how many applications you are opening.

Banks Protecting Themselves From Credit Card Churners

The Chase 5/24 Rule: When looking at creating a strategy, you must be mindful of the Chase 5/24 Rule. Chase doesn’t want people to be signing up for cards and canceling all the time. They can see this when you apply for new cards.

Apply Some Manufucatured Spending Concepts.

Now manufactured spending may sound a little illegal, but it is not. Manufactured spending is spending money to achieve card rewards from credit cards. You have to manufacture enough spending where you are not losing money.

Credit Card Churners Beware

Credit card churning is not for everyone. It brings on many complexities but also brings on many rewards and bonuses. If you are thinking about doing some credit card churning, it is time to make sure some of these other factors will not affect your strategy.

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