10 Widely Popular Travel Opinions People Are Starting to Ignore

Don't Fall for these Opinions

Just because some people share their opinions (sometimes rather loudly) doesn't mean you can't have your own.  Here are 10 Popular Travel Opinions and What People Are Starting to Do Instead.

1. Traveling Alone is Dangerous

When scrolling through Instagram or watching travel videos on YouTube, you’re bound to stumble upon traveling buddies exploring the world together. However, traveling alone is an excellent solution for free-spirited individuals who don’t want to abide by a strict schedule.

2. Avoid Tourist Traps At All Costs

Tourist traps have a self-explanatory name. Some of these hyped places live up to their hype, and some don’t deserve the praise they receive. But you can decide that on your own. Don’t let one snobby traveler dictate your travel plans.

3. Organized Tours Aren’t Worth It

On the contrary, tour guides specialize in curating the most interesting tours in short time spans. These guides spend their lives learning about their craft, and usually, they have a bit of dry humor to add to the history lessons.

4. Don’t Bother Going If You Can’t Stay a Week

Frequent travelers shared that their favorite way to travel is to spend two to three days in each destination before hopping to the next destination.

5. Skip McDonald’s

I stand by this one. British McDonald’s remains superior to American McDonald’s. Like most food in Europe, the cooks refrain from injecting their menu with additives and preservatives, ensuring a better taste and fewer ingredients.

6. Find the Cheapest Deal

One travel enthusiast suggested paying more for a better experience when possible. They explained that tourism fuels international revenue in several countries, so why not dish out a few extra dollars for a better experience? If you identify as a foodie, pay the extra money for a food tour.

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