Yosemite National Park: Here's What You Shouldn't Miss

To see the best Yosemite has to offer, it can take several visits, so we created this list of the must-see destinations in the park, so you can create an itinerary of a lifetime.

Yosemite Falls

This majestic waterfall towers 2425 feet above the Yosemite Valley and is one of the top attractions in the park.

Tunnel View

This majestic viewpoint is the perfect introduction to Yosemite as the vantage point offers a look at most of the main attractions along the 7-mile-long valley.

Half Dome

There are several ways to enjoy this iconic granite monolith, and each option offers a different vantage point to take in this natural wonder.

El Capitan

This massive rock formation jets right out of the western side of the valley and is the first rock face visitors see when driving along Southside Drive.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is a small mountain lake situated inside Tenaya Canyon and at the base of the meadow. From the shore, you can see the spectacular reflection of Half Dome and the surrounding peaks when the water is calm.

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