12 Most Ridiculously Weird Laws in the U.S.

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Law and order is an important part of any group of people. While we can appreciate and understand some laws, others are so specific and strange we wonder exactly what the reason behind them was. 

1. No Blindfolded Driving – Alabama

No Blindfolded Driving
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This one is ridiculous because it seems like common sense. I’m sure we’ve all said, “I could get there with my eyes closed,” and unfortunately (fortunately?) this is not something you can put to the test in Alabama. 

2. Bigfoot Is a Protected Species – Washington

Bigfoot in WIld
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If you ever go bigfoot hunting, make sure it’s just with a camera in Washington. Killing bigfoot could land you 5 years in prison there. We also personally ask you to get non-shaky footage of him.

3. No Ice Cream on Cherry Pie – Kansas

Ice Cream And Cherry Pie
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Everybody has their own taste in food pairings, one lawmaker feels very strongly about cherry pie. Don’t worry though, we have it on good authority that the police will not come busting in if you violate this one. 

4. Donkeys Can’t Sleep in Bathtubs – Arizona

Mules for Rides at the Grand Canyon
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We actually have the reason for this one. In the 1920’s a rancher’s house flooded due to a dam breaking. This flood caused his donkey, who was sleeping in his bathtub, to be carried away and need rescuing. To avoid that fiasco again, they decided to make a law.

5. Halloween Is for Kids Only – Virginia

Children in costumes eating Halloween candy
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Watch out, the literal fun police are out on Halloween in Chesapeake City, Virginia. Anyone over 14 years old must be accompanying a child if they wish to trick-or-treat and even then they can’t accept candy themselves.

6. No Whistling for Lost Canaries – California

Canary bird singing
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If you’re sweating over this law after losing your canary then we have good news, you can at least whistle after 7 a.m. We’re guessing some lawmaker got an early wake-up call from a bird owner and made this law. 

7. Fried Chicken Is Hand Food Only – Georgia

girl eating chicken fried
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While this law is purely for comedic effect, it is still a law. Gainesville, Georgia will even enforce it, with the latest arrest being in 2009. Bail is eating one bucket of chicken with your hands. We think we got this. 

8. Don’t Use Renewable Energy – Vermont

Renewable Energy
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Clotheslines are under attack with this Vermont law that forbids the use of renewable energy resources. Maybe someone should go explain to them exactly what renewable energy is, they might be confused. (Or is it us?)

9. Marriage Can Only Be Done 3 Times – Kentucky

Wedding portrait
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/kati1313

I’m sure we’ve all seen those couples that break up and get back together every other week it seems. Kentucky had enough of it, however, and now you’re only allowed to marry the same person three times before they cut you off. It’s probably for the best, though.

10. No Porch Couch – Colorado

woman relaxing on couch
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

If you are looking at your porch and think a couch would be a nice and comfy addition, think again. Colorado saw a string of brutal porch couch fires that have long since sealed the fate for anyone thinking of this exterior comfort.

11. Pickles Must Bounce – Connecticut

Pickled Cucumber
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/kajakiki

What defines a good pickle was called into question in 1948 when two men tried to sell pickles unfit for human consumption. In the subsequent case, it was decided that true pickles bounced, and the law was created.

12. Don’t Bite Landlords – Maine

apartment to a couple
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Hispanolistic

Between rent hikes and questionable home fixes, we have all wanted to go off on our landlord. If you do let your landlord know what you’re really feeling, keep your teeth to yourself in Maine… and probably every other state.

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