What’s Your Job and What Can I (A Regular Person) Do to Make It Easier?

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What can people do to make your job easier? For example, many servers appreciate it when you stack the plates after your meal. It makes their work much easier and faster. Is there one thing people can do to give you an easier time at work? A social media user created a thread asking people what they do and how regular people can make their jobs easier. 

Here are some of the top responses from the post.  

Listen to Your Doctor. Seriously.

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Following simple instructions can help make a surgical tech’s work much easier. If they tell you not to eat before your operation, do not be tempted to have even “light snacks.” It can mess up the entire procedure and be fatal. 

 A surgical tech in an operating room says, “Listen to your doctors, DO NOT eat or drink before you come for your surgery. We don’t tell you that to mess with you. If there is any food in your stomach, it will cause the production of acid, and when we take the breathing tube out at the end, there is a possibility you will reflux some of that and aspirate it, which can cause aspiration pneumonia and kill you. It’s not worth the biscuit and coffee. Also, if you use drugs, TELL THE ANESTHESIOLOGIST,” said the commenter.

A Locomotive Engineer’s Urgent Warning

Cairns railway train
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One locomotive engineer advised people to refrain from attempting to beat trains. For your safety and the mental well-being of the locomotive engineer, you are better off waiting until you are sure everything is safe. 

He said, “Don’t try to beat the train. Don’t go around the gates. When you are at a station, hold your kid’s hand. Please don’t jump in front of a train. You will be in zip locks, not body bags. It messes us up. And for those who have hit someone, time off due to trauma is unpaid.”

Firefighter/Paramedics’ Point of View

fire chief
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One paramedic advised the readers to assess the situation before calling for an ambulance. He said, often, you are better off driving the victim to the hospital instead of dialing for emergency help. 

On top of being expensive, waiting for the paramedics to arrive can slow down the entire process.

“Ask yourself before you call 911, is it faster to go to the hospital? Cause I guarantee it’s cheaper. Pull to the right for flashing lights. Get at least one fire extinguisher in your house.” He said, adding more safety precaution tips. 

Advice From an Airline Handler

airline baggage handler
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In an attempt to have just a single piece of baggage, a lot of people squeeze all they want to travel with into one bag. While you may think you hacked it, it makes work more difficult for air baggage handlers. 

One said, “I am a baggage handler for one of the major airlines. Don’t overpack your bags; make sure you can shut everything tight. We have bags that burst open daily because people over-pack and ghetto-rig their bags shut.”

Lifeguard’s Ask to Not Be Distracted

man lifeguard
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When the kids swim in the pool, many parents seem to forget to watch them. Instead of keeping a keen eye on the kids, many start chatting up the lifeguards to pass the time as the children have fun.

One lifeguard requested parents to keep an eye on their children and resist from distracting the lifeguards when the pool is packed. They said, “Don’t talk to us when the pool is busy. We aren’t even supposed to talk to anyone, but if it’s a dull day and there are only the regular lap swimmers who I know won’t die right away, it’s ok to talk for a little. If you have kids, watch them! You would be surprised how often parents have no idea where their kid is. I’ve saved a kid; his mom didn’t know for almost 10 minutes. That’s unacceptable.”

Being Kind to Retail Workers Matters

woman retail worker with clipboard
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Retail workers have no control over the price and quality of things you buy at the store. One of them requested customers not to be jerks because they did not like the quality or price of items in the store. 

“I work in retail, don’t be a jerk. I can’t help if things are overpriced, our assortment has changed, and we don’t sell what you want anymore. I can’t help it if we have logistical problems, I’m not granted power over the harvest, so I can’t help what the vegetables taste like,” said a commenter.

These are problems they can do nothing about; you have no business blaming them on them. 

Extend Respect and Kindness to Security Officers

Security -DP
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All security guards want is for you to follow instructions. One in the comment section requested people to be kind to them, ask for help, and follow instructions. 

“If you need help, come and ask. The sound in someone’s voice when they say, “Oh, you’re just a security guard; you can’t help,” is disheartening. I get so much hate because of the uniform I wear. If I ask you to do something, it’s for your safety or the safety of others. I’m not on a power trip. I’m not just being a jerk. I have supervisors and clients and regulations that I need to enforce,” he said. 

Let the Librarians Do the Shelving Task

Library - DP
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Has it ever occurred to you that shelving books yourselves could be giving librarians a difficult time? While many think it is respectful and probably helps the librarians, it could be the opposite. 

One librarian said, “I work in a library. If you don’t know or don’t care how call numbers work, don’t reshelve your books. It takes me 2 seconds to shelve a book, but it takes me an hour to search for a book you think you put back in the right place. So seriously, stop doing that.”

Streamlining Store Shelves: Ways to Lighten Shelvers’ Load

Grocery Store
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You can simplify a store shelver’s day by returning items on their respective shelves or leaving them with the cashier. Leaving items across the store from where you found them makes their organization even more difficult.

“As a department store shelf stocker, please refrain from leaving items across the store from where you got them. I don’t know why someone left ceramic dining plates from domestics/housewares over in the vegetable section,” he said. 

Following Airline Instructions

suspicious surprised airline man
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Ensuring you have all the needed documents and adhering to the airline rules will not only make an airline attendant’s job easier. It will make your travel smoother for you. 

One airline attendant revealing how travelers can make their day simpler said, “Understand the rules and procedures before boarding, and don’t be surprised when I don’t let you on the flight if you forgot your ID, are too drunk or too high on drugs, have too much luggage or are late for your check-in.”

Don’t Discredit Your Doctor’s Years of Training and Experience

Fat Man with Doctor in White Coat in Gray Room.
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With the internet age, a simple search makes it easy to find whatever information you need. While doctors have no problem with you searching for symptoms online, they do not appreciate it when you try to discredit their training and experience by whatever you find on medical and health blogs. 

“We don’t mind that you tried to figure it out online. We mind when you force your Google research down our throats as if it substitutes for the 7 to 11 years of training we all went through plus however many years experience.” 

Join the Team, Don’t Fight It: Teacher’s Plea to Parents

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Teachers in the thread requested parents to cooperate in their children’s education. They, too, want the best for your children. When they tell you where to put a keen interest in the education and development of your child, please do it. 

One teacher in the thread said, “Elementary teacher here. I want you parents to be a teammate – you and I want what’s best for your child. When I tell you about your child, it’s the truth. Please don’t accuse me of making stuff up to make your child look bad because you think I don’t like your kid. I’m telling you so we can work together to correct the problem. Your kid will learn better if they get the same message at home and school.”

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