16+ of the Best Things to Do in Page, AZ

Page, Arizona is one of the best places to head to for a Southwest adventure of a lifetime.  From narrow and winding slot canyons. Camping on a beach. Kayaking on a lake. Stargazing. Amazing sunsets. There are so many ways to spend your time in Page!

Hike to Horseshoe Bend

Sunrise is a great time to hike since it is cooler and there are fewer people, making it a more peaceful and intimate experience.

Kayak Around Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River

For a unique view of Horseshoe Bend, try kayaking along the Colorado River. You can take a backhaul ferry from Lees Ferry, located an hour’s drive from Page.

Visit Antelope Canyon

There are a lot of slot canyons throughout Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. But Antelope Canyon has to be among the most beautiful! Slot canyons are formed over millions of years as water rushes through the rock.

Camp at Lone Rock Beach

Along the shores of Lake Powell, 25 minutes from downtown Page, is Lone Rock Beach Campground. Lone Rock is what it sounds like- a massive rock in the middle of Lake Powell.

Go to Wahweap Overlook

Wahweap Overlook is a spot you can hit on the way to Lone Rock Beach. It is a beautiful vantage point overlooking Lake Powell. Driving up to this overlook is simple, so no hiking is necessary.

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