Best Cities to Vacation in That Don’t Require Renting a Car

When planning a vacation, there’s enough to worry about without stressing over renting a car, where to park it, and whether you can afford the extra insurance.

San Francisco, CA

This picturesque West Coast city has arguably done more to allow its citizens and visitors to traverse the city without a car than any other in the U.S.

Fire Island, New York

Just off Long Island’s South Shore, about two hours from the busy streets of Manhattan is the quiet, 32-mile-long barrier island of Fire Island. There are no cars permitted on the island.

Nantucket, MA

Nantucket’s small cobblestone streets were not made for cars, so they are best seen on foot or by bike. Follow the island’s curvy roads, and you’ll see historic wooden homes of sea captains and buildings erected before the Civil War.

Seattle, WA

Seattle is a favorite city on the West Coast because it is easy to get around on foot and has a lot to do. Buses, light rail, a train, street cars, and bike sharing are all part of the public transportation system.

Washington, D.C.

People who don’t have a car often choose to visit the nation’s capital. The fact that there are so many free things to do makes this place even more affordable, at least if you’re ready to plan your trip well.

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