15 States With the Coolest Capitol Buildings – Is Yours on the List?

Every state in the United States boasts a unique capitol building, each with its own story and architectural charm. Take this virtual tour of the 15 coolest capitol buildings in the U.S. and see if your state made the list!

1. Texas State Capitol, Austin

The Texas State Capitol in Austin is known for its distinctive Sunset Red granite exterior and a large rotunda featuring portraits of every person who has served as president of the Republic of Texas or governor of the State of Texas.

2. California State Capitol, Sacramento

The California State Capitol is a perfect blend of beauty and history. The building, completed in 1874, is a stunning example of Neoclassical architecture. Its museum, with rooms replicating the period of the 1900s, offers a glimpse into the state’s past.

3. New York State Capitol, Albany

The New York State Capitol in Albany is a marvel of 19th-century architectural grandeur. Its Romanesque Revival and Neo-Renaissance styles, combined with the dramatic Great Western Staircase (also known as the “Million Dollar Staircase”), make it a must-see.

4. Pennsylvania State Capitol, Harrisburg

Often referred to as a “palace of art,” the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg is a sight to behold. The building, completed in 1906, features paintings, stained glass, and furnishings by Philadelphia artist Violet Oakley, making it a working art museum.

5. Colorado State Capitol, Denver

The Colorado State Capitol in Denver is famous for its distinctive gold dome, which was added in 1908 to commemorate the Colorado Gold Rush. The building also offers a mile-high marker, indicating Denver’s elevation above sea level.

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