10 of the Fastest Ways to Save Big Money Traveling

Recently, travelers of all shapes and sizes met in an online discussion to reveal the fastest ways to save significant amounts of money when planning a big trip. Here are 10 of their answers.

1. Use a Rewards Credit Card

Although using a rewards credit card is recommended for all purchases, it’s especially beneficial when booking travel. Not only will you get plenty of reward points when you book, but often you’ll receive bonus points for booking certain flights, hotels, or car rentals.

2. Forgo Checked Bags

Traveling with checked baggage is prohibitively expensive – many airlines charge up to $70 for the privilege. So instead, consider packing light and traveling with only your carry-on.

3. Book Month-Long Rentals

If you want to book a rental through Airbnb, consider booking a month-long stay. Most European Airbnb rentals give sizeable discounts for stays of one month or more. Don’t be surprised to see discounts of up to 60-70% if you can handle living in the same place for an entire month.

4. Travel With Friends

Unless you’re a diehard solo traveler, going on a trip with friends is more fun and serves to cut costs down. For example, when traveling with friends, suddenly, hotel stays are half as expensive.

5. Be Flexible With Your Schedule

High out-of-pocket costs like an overseas flight or a month-long Airbnb can add up quickly, but if you’re flexible with your schedule, you can save tons of money.

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