10 of the Fastest Ways to Save Big Money Traveling

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Most travelers don’t have an unlimited travel budget, so they need to save money however they can. Sometimes, common sense can go a long way in this regard. Recently, travelers of all shapes and sizes met in an online discussion to reveal the fastest ways to save significant amounts of money when planning a big trip!

1. Use a Rewards Credit Card

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Although using a rewards credit card is recommended for all purchases, it’s especially beneficial when booking travel. Not only will you get plenty of reward points when you book, but often you’ll receive bonus points for booking certain flights, hotels, or car rentals. You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using a rewards card for your travel purchases.

2. Forgo Checked Bags

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Traveling with checked baggage is prohibitively expensive – many airlines charge up to $70 for the privilege. So instead, consider packing light and traveling with only your carry-on. You’ll save money and travel lighter, ensuring you can focus on the adventure at hand – and not lugging around bag after bag of luggage.

3. Book Month-Long Rentals

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If you want to book a rental through Airbnb, consider booking a month-long stay. Most European Airbnb rentals give sizeable discounts for stays of one month or more. Don’t be surprised to see discounts of up to 60-70% if you can handle living in the same place for an entire month.

4. Travel With Friends

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Unless you’re a diehard solo traveler, going on a trip with friends is more fun and serves to cut costs down. For example, when traveling with friends, suddenly, hotel stays are half as expensive. In addition, having two or more sources of money can mean a more relaxed trip where you’re not stressed about spending every dollar in your bank account.

5. Be Flexible With Your Schedule

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High out-of-pocket costs like an overseas flight or a month-long Airbnb can add up quickly, but if you’re flexible with your schedule, you can save tons of money. Some days are less expensive than others, and if you play around with your travel dates, you could find yourself traveling for a fraction of the price you had in your head.

6. Look Out for Flight Sales

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Major airline carriers in the United States and overseas frequently offer discounted flight promotions – so take advantage of them! Ensure you’re signed up for promotional emails and text alerts from participating airlines to ensure you don’t miss out on a game-changing deal.

7. Start Saving Now

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Even if your trip is months – or even years – away, it’s never too soon to start saving. Even a few dollars a day makes a huge difference! I once set aside $20 a week for about six months leading up to a European vacation, and believe me; I was excited about the extra $500 I had in my account when I touched down in Italy!

8. Don’t Wait to Secure Travel Insurance

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Experienced travelers heavily advise you to purchase travel insurance the moment you finalize your flights. The closer you get to your trip, the higher your insurance premium will be. Luckily, purchasing insurance early in the planning process doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

9. Book as Early as You Can

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Speaking of booking things early, the same rule of thumb applies to booking your trip – the sooner you do it, the more money you’ll save. Countless travelers express regret for putting off booking their trip. Remember: Prices usually go up, not down, the closer you get to your requested dates.

10. Set a Budget and Stick To It

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Perhaps most importantly, setting a budget – and sticking to it judiciously – is the best way to save big money when traveling. Utilizing a spreadsheet and plugging in your expenses can give you an easy-to-digest form to stay financially healthy during your trip while still giving you plenty of leeway to have fun!

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