Cheap but Amazing: 10 Must-Visit Countries for Travelers on a Tight Budget

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Everyone wants to travel the world – but not everybody can afford it! Sometimes getting the most bang for your buck in your travels is the best course of action. In a recent online discussion, travelers from around the world came together to discuss the best countries frugal travelers should visit as soon as possible.

1. Egypt

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I firmly believe that anytime you can visit a country home to historical pyramids, you must do it – no matter the cost. Luckily, Egypt is also perfect for travelers on a budget. “I stayed at a five-star all-inclusive resort in the Sinai peninsula for about 30 bucks a night,” one man reports.

“I enjoyed $1 cocktails made with Cairo rum. I hired a private tour guide and 4×4 Jeep driver to explore the majestic desert canyons and the Red Sea. Meals cost only a few dollars.”

2. Vietnam

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With hotel rooms costing approximately $12 per night and daily food costs even lower, Vietnam is a no-brainer visit for travelers on tight budgets! After all, the less money you spend, the less stressed you’ll be, enabling you to focus on the welcoming Vietnamese culture and breathtaking landscape.

3. Costa Rica

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With its proximity to the mainland United States, a round-trip flight is more affordable than you may think. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be treated to a jungle paradise that won’t hurt your wallet. The fact that there are plenty of wild monkeys who call Costa Rica their home is just another reason to visit.

4. Nepal

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Asian culture and a diverse climate converge in Nepal, guaranteeing an unforgettable trip for any adventurous traveler. “It has some of the cheapest accommodations in the world, with sub-$5 cheap guesthouses with solar hot water and excellent hotels with maid service and breakfast for under $20,” reports one traveler who recently journeyed through Nepal.

5. Thailand

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Like most of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a country that is exceedingly affordable and also showcases some of the most jaw-dropping scenery found around the globe. World-class Thai cuisine is reason enough to visit, especially considering a bowl of it will set you back only a few dollars.

6. Georgia

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Although it’s an under-the-radar country, you’ll be ahead of upcoming trends by visiting Georgia the next time you explore Asia and Europe!

One recent visitor has nothing but positive things to say about the nation. “Nestled on the east coast of the Black Sea between Russia and Turkey, Georgia is tiny but developing fast,” she reports. “It has beautiful mountains and ancient monasteries. Also, they produce a lot of wine!” 

7. Italy

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Here’s a personal tip: forget about mainland Italy. To maximize your spending efficiently, visit the island of Sicily instead. Imagine sipping on $3 Aperol Spritzes and enjoying fresh pasta dishes for less than $10. In addition, you’ll compete with fewer tourists no matter what time of year you visit since most travelers visit Italian cities like Rome and Venice.

8. Malaysia

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Even though Malaysia has a reputation for being not as affordable as other Southeast Asian countries, countless frugal travelers report this is simply not true. “I’ve talked to many travel bloggers and backpackers about this, and we all agree it is possible to get by on $30 a day,” one traveler reveals.

“The only downside is they have the highest alcohol tax in the world. Basically, if you’re planning on partying every night, you may want to reconsider your budget.”

9. The Philippines

4. The Philippines
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Are you ready for your jaw to drop to the floor? Here’s what one traveler has to say about the Philippines, one of Earth’s most naturally beautiful places: “It’s a must-visit,” she says. “Perfect beaches, friendly locals, and beautiful nature.

Similar to many other countries in Southeast Asia, the price of living is ridiculously cheap. Coffee is 11 cents, a meal is $2.50, and hostels can work out to be $9 per person.” If that information isn’t enough for you to begin booking the next flight to the Philippines, I don’t know what will!

10. Paraguay

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Often overlooked by adventurous souls due to its location in South America, Paraguay is one of the most logical places to visit for anyone traveling on a tight budget. With meals at restaurants costing no more than $5 and entire apartments able to be rented for $200 per month, it is arguably the best value proposition on this list. 

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