Don’t Leave Home Without Them: 10 Unexpectedly Useful Travel Items

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Traveling can be simultaneously exhilarating and stressful, so bringing the right items with you on your journey is so important. Recently, a group of expert travelers came together in an online discussion, revealing plenty of unexpectedly valuable items to bring on your next adventure.

1. A Scarf

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Sometimes the most simple clothing accessory can be the be-all, end-all travel item. For example, one frequent traveler has nothing but good things to say about her traveling scarf. “It’s large enough to be used as a wraparound skirt for the beach and can cover my shoulders if I’m cold or trying to avoid sunburn,” she explains.

“It also can be used as an actual scarf if needed and has been used to cover my head if I’m visiting a religious site. It’s a great picnic blanket, a belt for a sundress, and can be wrapped up into a little bundle to keep small items together within a bag.” Wow, talk about versatility!

2. Wet Wipes

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Countless travelers confess they use wet wipes constantly to disinfect surfaces – or to keep clean on their adventures. Yet, interestingly, nearly all people who use wet wipes during their travels reveal they barely use them at home.

3. Washing Machine Pods

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Navigating a grocery store to purchase laundry detergent in a foreign country is more complicated than it sounds. From unclear labels to words you can’t understand, it’s best to take a supply of laundry detergent pods with you on your next trip. Doing so will save you hassle, stress, and a little bit of money.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones


The upside to bringing a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones is obvious. Not only will it make any flight infinitely more bearable (it will drown out the sound of any unruly passenger or crying child), but it will ensure you can get a good night’s rest if staying in a bustling hostel or noisy hotel while traveling.

5. Rehydration Tablets

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Staying safe and healthy are priorities for any traveler, so bringing plenty of rehydration tablets is a must during your next trip. “It’s so easy to get dehydrated while traveling, so these are a must for both everyday use and in case you get a serious upset stomach,” explains one experienced traveler.

6. Mesh Laundry Bags


Not only are mesh laundry bags the best way to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes in your suitcase, but the bags are also effortless to hang once you’ve settled into a space! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to bring a laundry bag and resigned myself to the fact that my clean clothes were doomed to interact with my dirty ones.

7. A Foldable, Blow-Up Pillow

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Imagine your next trip, and think how ideal it would be if you traveled comfortably for the duration! Luckily, with a blow-up pillow, that future is easily attainable. “I’m a gal that needs a spare pillow either on the flight or in a hotel,” reveals one woman. “This has been a game changer for me. It’s the size of your fist when it’s folded up but is so comfy blown up. On a flight, I use it for lumbar support.”

8. Nail Clippers

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Not only are these handy for keeping your hands and feet well-trimmed, but nail clippers can also be a multifunctional tool. For example, you may have an unexpected splinter – nail clippers can easily handle that. In addition, nail clippers are an invaluable addition to this list because many travelers confess they always forget to bring nail clippers in their toiletry bags.

9. A Foldable Cup

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Much to the chagrin of other travelers, one person’s suggestion of bringing a reusable, foldable drinking cup blew everyone’s minds. “You can get water from weirdly shaped taps and drinking fountains. You can ask anywhere for a bit of hot water and make tea or some instant meals, and pinched in it acts as a spout or funnel.” Okay, well, I’m thoroughly convinced – now a foldable cup will always be with me during my next trip.

10. A Small Portable Clock

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Even though most of us rely on our cell phones or computers to give us the time, a small portable clock can be a game changer in certain situations. For example, keeping a small bedside clock ensures you’ll never miss your wake-up alarm – even if your phone or device runs out of battery.

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