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Hey there! We’re so glad you’re interested in learning more about how to work with us. If you’re a brand looking for a team to partner with, we hope you’ll consider getting in touch!

We work with travel brands and tourism boards to help you tell a compelling story through SEO-driven content, national syndications, photography, and more.

Three Platforms, Endless Potential.

When you work with us, we have multiple ways to publish content. Here are three of the main platforms we work on.

Our Woven Journey: You’ll find a compilation of great articles on our site, ranging from travel guides, lifestyle tips, money matters, and more. This is where our SEO skills shine and we have many articles ranking on page one of Google. We also syndicate well-written content from a team of colleagues, who in turn syndicate some of our articles, providing even more reach for brands we partner with. Some of the sites you’ll find our articles on include Wealth of Geeks, Savoteur, Simply Real Moms, Wealthy Nickel, and more.

Associated Press Newswire: Here is where you’ll find Karee’s best journalistic writing and is also where I share newsworthy content on “things to do” and “places to be.” To see Karee’s most recently syndicated articles and current bylines, visit her MuckRack profile here.

MSN: This fast-paced platform is perfect for publishing interesting articles that catch the reader’s eye. Think of it as the perfect blend of headlines and coffee-shop chatter. MSN is perfect for showcasing photo-heavy topics as slideshows, and we currently reach more than four million pageviews per month on this platform. It’s a must-have for any marketing plan.

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Please Note:
*AP articles can not be sold and are not included in of our media packages. These articles are typically reserved for writing about press trips we’ve been invited on.

Currently, we’re writing a series of AP articles on Luxury Hotels and Resorts. To be considered for this series, please contact us at ourwovenjourney @

Rodney and Karee

More About Us:

Karee has a degree in Marketing and is an entrepreneur at heart. Past businesses include a successful advertising magazine, which gives her insight into what brands are looking for in terms of promotion. She also owned an online business for eight years and has experience with SEO and leveraging social media to get the best coverage possible for her brand partners.

Rodney has an MS in Finance and is a project manager for a major corporation near Seattle. In addition to assisting Karee in her entrepreneurial endeavors, his corporate background is a great asset when it comes to managing multiple brand projects at once. Having traveled to numerous countries, his willingness to explore the world makes him a perfect travel partner with Karee.

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