Did Elon Musk Cause Tesla Stock to Plummet 70%? Many Blame Him

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It’s been a whirlwind month for Tesla stockholders as shares for the electric vehicle company have cratered by over 38%. It’s been a quick ride to the bottom for Tesla as shares are down 72% since this time last year, worrying investors with each passing day. 

The reasons for the sudden downturn in the performance of Tesla stock could be attributed to any number of factors, but the truth remains: Tesla has lost over $800 billion of market value since this time last year.

Twitter users simply cannot stop commenting on this latest development – and haven’t been shy about expressing their opinions on the Elon Musk-owned app.

Some users, like this one, didn’t shy away from keeping things in perspective:

Other users took this time to the plummeting Tesla stock, arguing that it’s still outperforming from pre-pandemic levels and having an optimistic take on the whole situation:

Elon Musk supporters like DivesTech also tweeted their support and suggested a possible roadmap back to Tesla’s former glory:

Some users rode such a fine line that we’re unsure if they’re being sincere or sarcastic:

Not all users were optimistic, though. There were plenty of Twitter users who used this news to slam Elon Musk and Tesla in general – in a comedic way, of course:

User the_blueprint relished the opportunity to gloat about the downfall of Tesla stock:

This particular Twitter user couldn’t be happier about the state of Tesla stock these days:

And finally, user guy_freire took a page out of Elon Musk’s emoji playbook with this pointed jab at the Tesla and Twitter CEO:

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