10 Heartbreaking TV Deaths We’re Still Not Over

No one ever likes it, but sometimes beloved characters in TV shows and movies die. Sometimes we see it coming, sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes it takes us by total surprise.

They May Not Be Real, but They’re Real to Us

Coming up with a list of the most heartbreaking TV deaths is an entirely subjective matter, but the following are some that hit us pretty hard. Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead)

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Carl didn’t have an easy childhood. Still, he persisted and grew in wisdom, responsibility, and maturity alike. When he kills himself before he can turn from a walker bite, we’re devastated.

Ruth Langmore (Ozark)

Here’s another one who almost made it and whom we really thought would. Instead, she’s gunned down by the vengeful mother of a drug cartel leader. Whether you liked her from the start or she grew on you, everyone was pulling for Ruth by the end.

Teri Bauer (24)

Until the very end, the first season of 24 was just another (very good) action series. But who can forget, after all Jack Bauer did to save his wife and the country, seeing him cradling his wife’s body, leading the show to end in tragedy, not triumph?

Fred Andrews (Riverdale)

In a show with a lot of drama, Fred was usually the most calm-headed, clear-thinking person in town. Tragically, he dies in a hit-and-run accident. Even more tragic is why the show had to end his character, at the age of 52, actor Luke Perry died from a stroke.

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