10 Dangerous Things You’re Doing Every Day Without Knowing the Risk

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Do you know some of the things you likely do every day can be a serious health hazard to you? People often worry about shark attacks when the real danger is closer than they imagine. Some things are so common that we consider them safe, but they can easily result in lifetime health issues and injuries.

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On the other hand, people understand the dangers of some activities but still do them and hope for the best. Unfortunately, the best does not always happen. Here are ten dangerous things you do at least once a day and how they could result in catastrophes. 

1. Distracted Driving

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Those 5 seconds may seem like a short time to take your eyes off the road, but they could certainly lead to fatalities. 

You can quickly lose control while texting and driving and kill yourself, other passengers in your car, pedestrians, and cyclists. 

Keep your eyes on the road and make the roads safe for yourself and other users. 

2. Wearing High Heels

Wearing High Heels
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“There is no better way to elevate an outfit than to wear high heels…” But at what cost? 

The discomfort and the health side effects of wearing high heels may not be worth it. From the risk of lower back pain, leg sprains, yellowing, and overlapping claw toes, it may not be worth the risk. Besides, research shows that prolonged use of high heels may result in early small joint arthritis.  

3. Showering

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This is such a simple and day-to-day activity that can end in fatalities. Shower falls often end badly due to the hard surfaces, the small space around you, and the fall’s momentum. Some commonly sustained injuries from shower falls include broken bones, traumatic head, and spinal cord injuries. 

The injuries sustained from bathroom falls can result in lifetime treatments such as physical therapy, paralysis and death. Research shows at least one person in the US dies daily from bathroom falls. 

4. Using the Staircase

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Trips and falls from using staircases are among the most common causes of injuries at home and the workplace. We use staircases daily, so people tend to overlook how unsafe they can be. Staircase accidents are more dangerous than tripping on a flat surface as they often involve a violent tumble down on a bumpy surface, resulting in broken bones and sometimes death. 

Many staircases are not constructed to adhere to safety standards as they include hazards such as poor lighting, slippery or damaged steps, missing handrails, or objects lying on the staircase. 

5. Pimple Popping 

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Popping pimples can feel satisfying and often ends up in no trouble. But it may not always be that safe. On the lighter side, popping pimples exposes you to bacteria which can result in infections, skin scarring, more pimples, and skin damage.

However, popping cystic acne could lead to the development of sepsis. If not timely treated, this could easily result in death. 

It is even more dangerous to pop pimples around the “danger triangle,” which is the triangular area from your nose bridge to your mouth. The blood vessels under this triangle directly connect to the brain. If bacteria get into the system in this area, they can easily transmit infections to the brain, which may result in meningitis, brain abscesses, and death. 

These fatalities may be rare, but better be safe than sorry. It is best to let the pimples be or have a professional look at them. 

6. Not Sleeping Enough 

Not Sleeping Enough
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It could be due to social media addiction, working a second job, or poor sleep habits, but not having enough sleep can severely jeopardize your health.

It can affect both your mental and physical health. 

In the long run, insufficient sleep is linked to chronic diseases such as obesity, kidney diseases, depression, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. 

Protect your health by getting enough sleep. 

7. Leading a Sedentary Lifestyle

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Leading an inactive life is harmful to both your physical and mental health. It is linked to certain types of cancer such as colon, uterine, and breast cancer, high cholesterol, heart diseases including heart attack, coronary artery diseases, and even stroke. 

Leading an active lifestyle in your younger and middle years will come in handy in keeping you fitter for your old age. For instance, exercises can help maintain muscle mass and reduce the risk of old-age falls and fractures.

8. Sleeping With Your Heater On

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You may be tempted to leave your heater on on those cold winter nights, but it may be more dangerous than you think. 

Leaving your gas heater on is especially dangerous for children, seniors, smokers, and people with heart diseases. The increased carbon monoxide levels in the room can be dangerous to all demographics, but it increases the risk of asphyxia in these vulnerable groups. 

Besides, overheating can result in sudden infant death. 

9. Too Much Screen Time 

Too Much Screen Time 
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Too much screen time can pose serious health issues such as eye problems, sore backs, posture-related issues, cramping limbs, and stiff necks.

Research shows that spending more than 4 hours per day decreases sleep quality, which is directly linked to more severe health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. These and all the adverse side effects social media can have on our mental health should be a good reason to cut down your screen time.

10. Driving a Car

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Driving cars is one of the greatest risks we put ourselves in, knowingly or unknowingly. It is one of the things you could give the best there is but still end up in fatalities and injuries. 

Sometimes, you will be the most careful on the road, but a reckless or drunk driver will somehow ram into you. Or your car may unexpectedly fail you. This is one of the dangerous things we do daily but hope for the best while at it. 

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