I Know It’s a Waste of Money and I Have No Plans to Stop!

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There are always articles telling us how to save money and what to cut out in order to hit that magical savings number we all wish we had. But we’re sure we speak for most when we say there is just no way we’re giving up our $5 latte. Here are ten things we waste money on and don’t plan to stop!

1. Streaming Services

Streaming Services
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This is usually the first on the list of things to go when we read money-saving articles. But with each service offering original movies and tv shows, how can we be expected to just not watch? Stranger Things simply must be discussed with our friends. 

2. Your Morning Coffee

woman drinking coffee
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Yes, we can totally make a pot at home, but it somehow just tastes better when made by someone else. Not to mention the absolute joy that comes from seeing pumpkin spice lattes back on the menu to let you know it’s Fall.

3. Eating Out

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They say making food at home is cheaper and better. We say, “A large number one please, with a coke”. Homemade meals are great, but in our busy society, sometimes a drive-thru is where it’s at.

4. The Latest Tech

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Does my phone still work? Yes. Is the new folding phone going in my cart? Also yes. There is something just so satisfying about a new phone, free of little dings in the case, and all the new features we see with every release. 

5. Retail Therapy

woman shopping
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This isn’t a specific item, but more the idea of why we spend our money. Little pick-me-ups can add up and are blacklisted with the most serious savers. However, there is no denying the mental boost we get from buying our favorite food or a new outfit, so we shall continue. 

6. In-Game Purchases

Game Purchases
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Between the games on our phones, computers, and gaming consoles, there is a lot of money spent on in-game purchases. However, sometimes all it takes is one more power-up and we can beat the level we’ve been stuck on for approximately two weeks, so really, what’s more important here?

7. Makeup Palettes

Makeup Palettes
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Let’s be honest, we have probably never actually completely used up a makeup palette. That won’t stop us, though, from buying the newest releases. Besides “pink disco ball” is the perfect look for our upcoming girls’ night out.

8. Doordash and Uber

_underground eating a breakfast
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Sure, we could go out and get food. Or we can continue to be in our pj’s watching the newest Hulu original while it comes to us. The few dollars on delivery is worth it, in our opinion.

9. Next-Day Shipping

woman shopping online
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Along the same lines as delivery food services. We’ll blame Amazon for spoiling us with next-day delivery. There is no way we’re waiting 3-5 business days anymore and we’re ok with that. 

10. Sale Items

Women arguing during clothes shopping
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We tried, we made a list and we stuck to it at the store. But the 50% off sticker on that item we always wanted is calling our name. And let’s be honest, we were going to buy it anyway, so really we’re saving money now that it’s on sale!

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