15 Quick Tips for Improving Your Manners (Because They Matter!)

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While the 21st century is seeing a lot of social norms being thrown out the window, there is one thing we can always agree on. Good manners make for a better world. What social etiquette do we need, though?

Holding the Door

Tips for Improving Your Manners: Holding the Door
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This common courtesy can set off a chain reaction of good throughout the day. It can also just relieve the pressure off of someone with many bags to carry or pushing a stroller.

Listen Before Speaking

Tips for Improving Your Manners: Listen Before Speaking
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We get it. All of us want to be heard. That also applies to the person you’re talking to. The easiest way to be heard is to listen in return. You can also avoid misunderstandings with this tip. 

Tip People in the Service Industry

Tips for Improving Your Manners: She counts her tips
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This is a hotly debated topic to some, but the ultimate etiquette rule remains, you should tip in service settings. While we aren’t going to insist you tip the customary 20%, we will say that workers who work in those industries rely on tip income the most.

Be On-time

Tips for Improving Your Manners: Be On-time
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The best way to make a good impression and to show you care is through punctuality. Fashionably late is only a thing in movies. In real life, showing up for those that need or want you makes all the difference.

Phone Down for Meals

Woman hand using or looking at his smartphone
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This is a more modern rule for manners, but still important. Sitting around the table allows us to slow down and connect with our friends and family, something that can’t occur when glued to a screen.

Act Your Best Always

Always Do Your Best
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We have always been told that first impressions are the most important. However, all of our actions add up to define our character.

Ask Questions

lady asking a question
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Similar to the “listen before speaking” one, also make sure to ask questions. If you find yourself answering more than asking, show the other person you care by redirecting the convo so they can answer.

Keep Personal and Business Lives Separate

young woman using smartphone
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This is sometimes hard to do in the age of social media (especially when your job is social media), but keeping your two lives separate is best. Not only does this allow you to focus on each part of yourself, but it also keeps you safe from facing professional backlash for personal reasons.

Know Your Audience

Tips for Improving Your Manners: The workplace or friendly dinner
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The truth is that we need to act differently in different settings. The workplace or friendly dinner isn’t the place for hot-button topics. 

Use a Coaster

Use a Coaster: Tips for Improving Your Manners
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Hey, if you don’t want to use them in your own house, we can’t stop you. One rule, though, is always to ask for one when visiting someone else’s home. Water stains are hard to clean and can even damage certain furniture.

Keep Private Conversations Private

mouth silent quiet gesture, Tips for Improving Your Manners
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There is no worse betrayal than telling someone something in private only for them to tell everyone. Don’t be that person. Being trusted by friends is much more important than sharing the latest tea.

Phone off in Theaters

Using Smartphone At Cinema, Tips for Improving Your Manners
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Many go to the theater for an immersive movie-watching experience. Unfortunately, that powerful scene can instantly be ruined by someone’s bright phone screen. Keeping your phone off, or at least on silent and put away, is always best.

Please and Thank You

thank you and portrait of a woman
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A manner as old as time. Making sure to say please and thank you is the fastest way to improve your manners. 

Give People a Pass

Give People a Pass
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We all have bad days, so make sure to treat others with grace if they seem to be on one of those days. Meeting a bad mood with a bad mood only escalates the problem. 


RSVP, Tips for Improving Your Manners
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While invites might have moved from physical cards to online e-vites, one rule remains, RSVP. Large parties or weddings often need a guest count in order to appropriately plan food and seating.

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