How to Make Money While Seeing the World: 12 Real Travel Jobs for Every Continent

What Defines a Good Travel Job?

When you picture the ideal travel job, what comes to mind? It's different for each person, but you may find one of these options is perfect for you.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant may be the quintessential digital nomad job. In this role, you could offer a broad range of services, such as: – Virtual bookkeeping, Social media management, Customer service, Email and calendar management, Graphic design, and many more.

Travel Blogger

If you love to travel, why not make it your job to document your experiences and share them with others? For example, as a travel blogger, you could research the best places to visit in a particular city or country and share your tips as you travel.

Remote Work (in Your Current Profession)

Remote work is trending across many careers that used to be entirely in-person. While you have a better chance of working remotely as a financial analyst than a plumber, if you’re in the right field, you can quickly turn your work-from-home job into a work-from-anywhere job.


Are you looking for something a little more hands-on and local? If you plan to travel the world but stay in one place for at least a few months, bartending could be a good option.

English Teacher

Don't think you have any skills that would allow you to work abroad? Think again. If you speak English, there are many opportunities to teach worldwide. You could become an English teacher in a local school or even teach exclusively online through a platform like VIP Kid.

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