Some Things Disappeared After the Pandemic and People Are Sharing What They Miss Most

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Recently a Redditor inquired, “What disappeared after the pandemic?” Reddit readers responded by conjuring up a top-voted list of things that are genuinely missed by many people.

1. Good Restaurants

One Reddit user said, “A couple of locally owned restaurants I enjoyed in my town didn’t survive covid. RIP the one Indian food place within 100 miles.” That sentiment was shared by more than 17K Reddit voters. Another user posted, “RIP to the family-owned Korean breakfast place that made the best omelets.”

2. Places Staying Open Late

One user said, “Places open late!!! I’m so sick of things closing at 8 pm. Some of us don’t work 9-5.” Another user replied, “I never realized I took all the 24/7 Walmarts and 7/11’s for granted til the pandemic. I genuinely had to redo my schedule because I used to do all my grocery shopping at 12 in the morning when I got off work. “

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3. Reasonable Public Transportation Schedules

One Redditor said, “About 75% of public transportation… So many services were cut on the grounds that nobody was using them (because we were in lockdowns) that have not resumed even after most people have been dragged back to their physical workplace.”

4. Physical Restaurant Menus

One user said, “Just walked out of a restaurant today because after going through all the ordering for both people on one phone, registering an account, verifying, entering a credit card, verifying a credit card, etc. I finally clicked submit order, then when food hadn’t come for a while, checked my phone to see an error message that it needed a last name in addition to the first name to process.”

Another user replied, “Dude, we need to bring them back. I love technology but menus on our phones is not one of them.”

5. Snow Days

One Redditor said, “A free day off no one could mess with, and now it’s gone forever. Jobs, schools, everything can now be remote. A tragic whole generation of school kids is going to grow up never knowing the joy of no school on a snow day.”

6. Carefree Relationships

One user said, “Dating. I struggle to connect with strangers post-pandemic. Everyone just feels ‘off’.” Another user replied, “Thought it was just me! I’ve found people are more distant – they behave normal but at a foundational level, there’s an emptiness.” 

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