Discover the 12 Most Popular Museums in the World

Whether you want to glimpse our history, appreciate fine art, or learn about our universe, the museum is the place to go. There are many all over the world, but here are some of the most popular.

Louvre Museum – Paris

Home to the art that helped us define our history, the Louvre sees over 9 million visitors every year. With famous works like Aphrodite’s statue and the Mona Lisa, it’s no surprise why people flock here.

Vatican Museums – Vatican City

The Catholic Church has a long and vast history, with a grand collection to show for it. The Vatican Museums host over 70,000 works from major historical eras and have about 6 million visitors annually.

National Museum of China – Beijing

A huge museum that spans from China’s earliest relics to more modern displays that go over current politics and culture. With over 1.3 million objects and around 7 million visitors, this museum deserves the popular title.

Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York City

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest art gallery in the US, its works span back around 5,000 years all the way to modern times. Exhibits change periodically, with over two million works as part of its permanent collection.

National Air and Space Museum – Washington, D.C.

With such a niche topic, we wouldn’t have guessed this as one of the most popular museums. The National Air and Space Museum focuses on human air and space travel and sees eight million visitors a year.

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