Planning an Alaskan Cruise? Read This Ultimate Guide First

Typical Length of Alaskan Cruises and Ports of Embarkation

The majority of cruises to Alaska are about seven to 14 days. (You’ll find some shorter cruises, like a Discovery Princess itinerary with Princess Cruises, a “sampler” of sorts. It is a four-night cruise to Alaska from Vancouver, Canada.)

Cruise Lines that Travel to Alaska

Big cruise ships and small cruise ships travel to Alaska. Some vessels carry 3,000 passengers or more, and others have just 40 guests or less.

Where do Alaskan Cruises Go?

Alaskan cruises stop at beautiful ports. If you want to sail to the major cities, a big ship (like Celebrity or Royal Caribbean) will stop at Alaskan cities you regularly hear about. But if you want to sail to some more remote areas of Alaska, consider a cruise on a small vessel.

Best Time of Year for an Alaskan Cruise

Alaska has a cruise season, which is from April through October. June through August are the warmest months, while April and October will make for a colder cruise.

Notable Landscapes and Experiences in Alaska

If thinking of Alaska evokes images of evergreen trees, blue and white glaciers, bears, and salmon, it’s all accurate! But, in addition to this, you may see whales and moose as you sail through beautiful fjords.

What to Pack for an Alaskan Cruise

Prepare to layer clothing as you set out to explore Alaska! That means packing things like jeans and leggings, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, fleece jackets, and an outer coat.

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