Travel Alert: These Are the 10 Riskiest Countries to Use a Credit Card

Unfortunately, credit card fraud is a reality that many, if not most, credit card users will experience at least once. In fact, many experience it multiple times.

Time Have Changed

It used to be that the main ways to perpetuate credit card fraud were to physically steal someone’s card and then use it or to copy the account number down while the owner was unaware. Not anymore.  These are the 10 Worst Countries to Use a Credit Card.


56% of people using credit cards in this beautiful and exciting country have reported experiencing credit card fraud. Worse, this is up almost 25% over previous years.


Hosting the Olympics brought an economic boom to this country that already was experiencing strong growth. That money attracted criminals, and nearly half of credit card users there have been victims of fraud. This, too, is an increase from the recent past.

United States

Yes, the good old U.S. of A is one of the worst countries for credit card fraud, with about 47% of users experiencing it, and the nation alone accounts for nearly half the world’s credit card fraud.


In the Land Down Under, it’s not just practically all the animals that are a threat. Fraudsters are on the prowl, too, and in just the past decade, more than 30% of credit card users have fallen prey.

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