10 Airlines People Vow Never to Fly With Again No Matter What They Offered

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A curious traveler took to an online travel forum to pose a contentious question: what airline would you not fly with again because of a horrible experience? Countless passengers recalled flight horror stories involving airlines from all over the world.

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Here are ten airlines people claim they’ll never fly again, no matter what. And if you’re thinking they’re all low-budget air carriers, you’ll be surprised at who made the list!

1. LOT Polish Airlines

Polish Airlines
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How would you feel if you had four legs of flights with an airline and every single one went wrong? That’s what one LOT Polish Airlines customer recounts happening to them a few years ago. Though none of these inconveniences were significant in and of themselves, they became unforgivable as they began to accumulate.

Starting with the airline food, which is never that pleasant, you would at least expect it to be safe to eat. However, the food was spoiled and covered in a mold for this unlucky passenger. Not only is that revolting, but it could have made them sick.

There was only one TV screen to watch movies which is a first-world problem, no doubt, but considering they paid for a more expensive ticket to fly coach, they didn’t appreciate that it was broken and would tint the screen in a green color.

The plane’s bulkhead produced continuous annoying rattling throughout the flight. At one point, it even caused the oxygen masks to drop. Worst of all, however, was the concerning landing on one of these flights. Already a nervous flyer being consoled by an experienced flyer beside them, they were taken aback when even this woman became rattled during the landing at an odd angle.

The pilot landed on one side, which caused the other side of the plane to slam on the ground. The usually level-headed veteran flyer exclaimed, “that’s not normal!” Then, to make matters worse, the pilot came on the intercom to say, “oops.”

2. Air Canada

Air Canada
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Air Canada seems to be the most commonly complained about airline in the thread, with countless horror stories. One of note came from this poor passenger who had a terrible experience and will never fly with them again.

Stranded in Toronto Airport during a blizzard and unable to use their credit card due to suspected fraud, they could not eat for three days. Air Canada wouldn’t rebook them on any flight to America, despite the passenger’s deteriorating condition and extreme hunger.

When Air Canada finally flew them back to Washington, D.C., they charged them $50 for luggage. The passenger found a solution to their situation by changing their United flight to Toronto-Chicago and getting their credit card reissued. This person highly recommends avoiding Air Canada and flying through Toronto.

3. Interjet 

Interjet Airlines
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A passenger shares that they had a terrible experience flying with Interjet. The airline canceled and rebooked their flight without informing them, causing them to miss their connecting flight. Interjet had promised to rebook their next flight and pay for their hotel, but when they missed the connecting flight, Interjet did not help them and even laughed at them.

The traveler had to spend hours trying to get help and was eventually over a thousand dollars out of pocket. Despite numerous attempts to contact Interjet, they have yet to receive a response, except for a frustrating promotional message through Facebook.

They learned from this experience and will no longer choose cheap flights over reputable airlines. Instead, this jet setter recommends others rely on airlines other than Interjet when traveling in Mexico or Central America.

4. Latin American (LATAM) Airlines

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One traveler commented that they bought a business class ticket with LATAM Airlines for a flight from Sao Paulo to Mexico City in 2020 but were told upon arrival that they had to take an economy class seat due to a system error while booking. They weren’t refunded and had a bad experience with food and service during the 12-hour flight.

They were freezing for 12 hours, and no blanket was provided. When they finally drifted to sleep, they were hit by something. They realized it was their breakfast sandwich thrown from a distance by a flight attendant.

Upon arrival in Mexico City, they found out that their luggage was left behind, and it took them three hours to report it and describe their bag. Unfortunately, this caused them to miss their next flight. The whole experience they describe as a complete nightmare.

5. Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines
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Frontier and Spirit Airlines are commonly loathed airlines. One Frontier passenger recalls when they were at the airport, Frontier Airlines canceled their flight two hours before departure. The airline told them the next available flight was over 24 hours away and would cost an additional $75 to switch.

This flyer refused to pay for a hotel overnight and paid $400 for a United flight that day. As a result, they learned an expensive lesson about flying with budget airlines and won’t be flying Frontier again.

6. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines
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Some travelers share that Southwest Airlines is not as cheap as it used to be and have had negative experiences with its customer service. A few flyers also express concerns about Southwest’s open seating policy and potential conflicts or discomfort during the boarding process.

Others who used to like SouthWest claim it’s lost its charm over the years and is getting as expensive as the other airlines without the added benefit of proper seating.

7. Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines
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One states they have had negative experiences with budget airlines like Spirit, noting that the low advertised prices are misleading due to significant additional luggage and seat selection costs. They also warn that the airlines charge a lot for customer service or booking changes. As a result, the commenter says that flying with these airlines is not worth the risk and hassle, especially for a family of five.

8. Ryanair

Ryan Airways
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Ryanair is a famous budget airline, but it’s affordable for a reason. Passengers complained about hidden fees, poor customer service, cramped seating, rude staff, and uncomfortable flights. Several people claimed they would never fly with Ryanair again and recommended others avoid the airline. One person even jokes that if the airline paid them $500 to fly with them again, they still wouldn’t do it.

9. American Airlines

American Airlines
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Another vacationer says they had a bad experience with American Airlines when they canceled their flight a few hours before departure without any weather problems. They couldn’t rebook the flight for four days and had to choose between spending $1000 on a new ticket or missing work for three days.

It took American Airlines two-to-three months to give them a partial refund and trip credits. They think American Airlines is even worse than Spirit/Frontier. Another comment claims this airline has become terrible because the staff is rude, seats are among the worst in the industry, and you pay extra for priority boarding to end up in zone five.

10. British Airways

British Airways
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Finally, a traveler has been turned off of British Airways because the airline lost their luggage even though they never left the airport. It took them three days to return it, and they had terrible customer service in dealing with the issue. Another passenger had a delay missing a connection and experienced atrocious customer service.

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