Punchlines in a Pinch: The Best One-Liner Dad Jokes Anyone Can Remember

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Dad jokes. They’re as iconic as the father figures themselves, and somehow always teetering between insufferable and downright hilarious. The best Dad jokes are the ones that make you laugh, even though you’re trying not to. Here’s the perfect list of quick-witted, and straight-to-the-point dad jokes that anyone will be able to remember! Bonus points if you can remember to tell the wrap-up line beneath each one.

Why Did the Coffee File a Police Report?

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It got mugged.

Yes, it’s dark and a little strong, but that’s just the right blend for a perfect dad joke.

How Does the Moon Cut His Hair?

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Eclipse it.

There’s no shading this one. It’s a straight cut above the rest.

What Did One Wall Say to the Other?

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I’ll meet you at the corner.

This joke is a perfect example of humor that hits right at the corner, where two groans intersect.

Why Did the Photon Refuse to Check Its Luggage at the Airport?

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Because it was traveling light.

Now, this one is a real lightbulb moment in the dad joke world.

What Do You Call a Group of Musical Whales?

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An orca-stra.Just imagine the whale of a time they must have!

This joke will resonate even in the deepest, most dad-like part of his heart.

What’s a Pirate’s Favorite Letter?

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You might think it’s ‘R’, but his first love is the ‘C’.

The classic pirate misdirect. This one has the added advantage of being a joke he can retell with a convincing pirate accent.

Why Don’t Some Fish Play Basketball?

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They’re afraid of the net.

This joke is sure to reel him in, hook, line, and sinker.

What’s Orange and Sounds Like a Parrot?

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A carrot.

This one will have him turning a shade of orange himself – with laughter!

What Do You Call an Elephant That Doesn’t Matter?

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An irrelephant.

Irrelephant or not, this joke has a ton of weight in the humor department.

Why Was the Math Book Sad?

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Because it had too many problems.

Sure, it’s a problem for the math book, but it’s a solution for your quest for the ultimate dad joke.

What Did the Traffic Light Say to the Car?

Don’t look, I’m about to change.

The green light is on for laughs with this one. It’s bound to stop your dad in his tracks!

Why Do We Never Tell Secrets on a Farm?

Because the potatoes have eyes, the corn has ears, and the beans stalk.

Who knew agriculture could be so amusing? This pun will plant a seed of laughter that will grow into a full-blown chuckle.

Why Was the Belt Arrested?

It was holding up a pair of pants.

This joke cinches the deal. It’s tight, well-woven, and sure to wrap up any dad joke contest in your favor.

What Do You Call a Fish Wearing a Crown?

A king fish.

Royalty and sea life combined in one pun? Talk about a catch!

Why Did the Cookie Cry?

Because his mom was a wafer too long.

This one’s sweet, it’s crumbly, and it’s sure to make Dad do more than just chip away at a smile.

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