10 Baffling Amenities Hotels Have Offered (Some Are Quite Bizzare)

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Embarking on a hotel stay can be a delightful experience, especially when indulging in unique amenities catering to a wide variety of tastes. However, there are times when hotels take their attempts to please their guests a little too far. These amusing encounters with baffling hotel amenities are not only entertaining but serve as a reminder that sometimes, less is more.

Unforgettable Hotel Amenities

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Travelers from all walks of life have encountered bizarre hotel amenities during their adventures. These can range from awkwardly placed bathroom fixtures to unusually designed in-room accessories that leave guests scratching their heads. Such eccentric offerings can make a hotel stay unforgettable, but not always for the right reasons.

Unconventional Toiletries

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During their travels, some hotel guests may stumble upon bewildering bathroom amenities. One could encounter toiletries that make them question if they are indeed meant for personal care. For example, toothpaste flavors might range from the typical mint to surprising flavors like bacon or pickle, leaving guests wondering if it’s a strange prank or a new trend.

In some cases, there are toiletries with varying specific purposes. These may include eyebrow shampoo or elbow conditioner. Although these specialized products might leave guests puzzled, they can also spark curiosity and provide a conversation starter when sharing their amusing experiences.

Fun Fact: The Chatwal Hotel in New York City provides an in-room dress-up trunk for kids, filled with costumes from popular theater shows

Odd Shower Settings

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Stepping into a hotel bathroom shower can also be a perplexing experience. An unconventional shower setting or feature might challenge a guest’s creativity and understanding. For instance, some hotels may offer peculiar shower devices. They might have unique showerheads, such as those able to play music or imitate rainfall. Some hotels may even provide a built-in LED light show to give their guests a memorable experience. While these peculiarities may seem baffling at first, they can add an amusing touch to a traveler’s hotel stay.

Fun Fact: This hotel, part of BrewDog’s Columbus, Ohio brewery, is the first craft beer hotel in the world. It features in-room beer taps and mini-fridges in the showers for guests to enjoy a cold brew anytime.

Peculiar Bedding Choices

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One hotel decided to take personalized bedding to a whole new level, offering pillows in the shape of various animals. While the effort was certainly creative, some guests found the experience more unsettling than endearing as they snuggled up with their animal-shaped pillows.

Fun Fact: Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast, located in Salisbury Mills, New York, this establishment offers a “Pie on the Pillow” service during September. On the first night of their stay, guests are treated to a slice of fresh pie.

Uncommon Tech Gadgets

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At another hotel, the management aimed to impress guests by featuring cutting-edge technology in the rooms. These included voice-controlled lighting, smart mirrors, and even a personal robot assistant. While the gadgets certainly added a futuristic touch to the visit, some guests found the excessive connectivity overwhelming, especially when they struggled with unusual placements and confusing instructions. 

The experience serves as a reminder that impressive technology can sometimes be more of a burden than a benefit when it comes to providing relaxing accommodations.

Fun Fact: The Edgewater, located in Seattle, offers specialty-themed suites. Depending on the room, guests can enjoy unique amenities like guitars and vinyl record players

Mysterious Minibar Items

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Occasionally, hotels fill their minibars with peculiar offerings that leave guests scratching their heads. From canned cheese to dehydrated ice cream originally meant for astronauts, these items raise eyebrows and make for an interesting conversation. Here are a few examples of the unusual products travelers may encounter:

  • Pickled quail eggs
  • Bamboo charcoal peanuts
  • A beverage called “Bird’s Nest Drink.”

These outlandish food items provide a quirky touch to hotel stays but may not always be the most appealing choice for satisfying hunger or thirst.

Surprising In-Room Cooking Appliances

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Alongside standard items such as kettles and coffee makers, some hotels think outside the box and equip their rooms with unique cooking appliances. These daring inclusions can range from personal pizza ovens to tabletop grills, offering adventurous guests the opportunity to experiment with unconventional meal preparation methods during their stay.

However, certain devices may prove to be more cumbersome than they are useful. For example, the “breakfast station,” which claims to prepare coffee, toast, and eggs simultaneously. While this may be an innovative idea in theory, execution often leaves much to be desired.

Fun Fact: Situated in downtown Denver, the Curtis Hotel offers themed suites. One of them, the video game suite, includes an in-room Donkey Kong arcade game.

Unusual Fitness Areas

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Some hotels have taken fitness facilities to a new level by offering bizarre and unconventional workout spaces. One such hotel features a hamster wheel for their guests to run in, providing a fun and quirky way to burn some calories. Another establishment has installed a rock climbing wall in the fitness area, allowing adventurous guests to challenge their strength and agility without leaving the hotel premises.

Fun Fact: The Weekapaug Inn, located in Rhode Island, features a Hunter Borrowing Closet. It’s stocked with Hunter boots and outerwear for both adults and kids.

Extraordinary Hotel Activities

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In addition to the unique fitness offerings, some hotels provide peculiar and entertaining amenities. For instance, a luxury retreat offers the opportunity to bathe with eels as part of their spa rituals. The eel bath is believed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation, making it an unforgettable experience for guests. 

Another hotel gives travelers the chance to indulge in beekeeping on their rooftop garden. Here, the guests can learn about bee conservation and honey production, taking home a sweet souvenir from their stay.

Fun Fact: The St. Regis Properties maintain a tradition dating back to Napoleon’s era – Champagne sabering. It’s a unique experience for guests to participate in.

Strange Recycling Initiatives

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Hotels worldwide have been implementing eco-friendly practices in an effort to promote sustainability. One particular hotel decided to take recycling to the next level by providing bins for recycling room towels. While the idea seemed innovative, it left guests puzzled about whether they should place their used towels in these bins or reuse them as they normally would.

Another hotel aimed to reduce waste by encouraging guests to save leftover soap, shampoo, and conditioner from their stay. The hotel even went so far as to provide small reusable containers for guests to take home these toiletries. Though commendable, it didn’t quite resonate with vacationers who were more interested in leaving behind their travel-sized bottles than bringing them home as souvenirs.

Fun Fact: The Betsy, a luxury boutique hotel in Miami , gives guests nightly bookmarks. These bookmarks are made from a mix of recycled paper and wildflower seeds.

Baffling Energy-Saving Measures

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In an attempt to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint, a hotel introduced an unconventional method: installing motion-sensor lighting in guest rooms. While this innovation might have seemed practical, it caused guests to experience disruptions in the dark when they had to re-trigger the lights after they automatically went off during their downtime.

Another perplexing energy-conservation scheme involved a hotel replacing their regular bulb-lit EXIT signs with glow-in-the-dark signs. Despite good intentions, it left guests questioning the effectiveness and safety of these signs, as the bright, fluorescent green hue was hardly visible in a well-lit hallway.

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