10 Shocking Things People Have Found in Their Hotel Rooms

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Sometimes clean sheets, thick towels, and conventional hotel room furniture aren’t the only things you’ll find when you check into your room. What unexpected item have you find in your hotel room that sticks in your mind? One reader in a popular online community asked this question, and others shared their rather surprising answers.

1. Uninvited Company: Encountering Another Human in Your Hotel Room

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One reader found a woman sitting in a chair reading a book. It was a scary moment for both of them because they clearly had not expected each other. It turns out the hotel room had booked them in an already occupied room. 

It seems like this is such a common thing to happen, as many readers commented they’ve also found people in their rooms or had someone walk in on them when they were already in a room. Another reason to always use the deadbolt when you’re inside your room!

2. Celebratory Surprises: The Tale of the Unexpected Birthday Treat

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One user found a bottle of champagne on ice and chocolates in his hotel room. His wife had booked a staycation on his 50th birthday, and the hotel decided to surprise him with this gift. One of the hotel staff had noticed his birthday after seeing his passport at the reception desk and took quick action to make the surprise happen. Pretty thoughtful of them!

3. Unbelievable Finds: The Case of the Abandoned $45,000

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Another user found a bag with a total of $45,000 in it! He called the hotel management and the police, who tried to trace the owner of the money. He was told he could claim the money if nobody else did in 30 days. This period elapsed, and he claimed the money and says he used it to start a small cancer charity. 

4. Ghastly Discoveries: Finding a Body in a Hotel Room

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Yes, unexpected items come in all shapes and sizes, but one user indeed had a horrible experience. She checked into a hotel room that had a foul smell. 

She called the staff to run a check, and they could not find anything. She later found an unalive person between the mattress and the box springs. Can you even imagine?

5. Sting in the Tale: An Invasion of Scorpions

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Another user found not one but several scorpions in his room. On his arrival, a staff warned him against putting his luggage on the floor because a previous guest had found two scorpions. 

Sure enough, when he went to the bathroom, he found six dead scorpions in the tub. This should have been his clue to leave, but he stayed. The following day, he found two live ones in the tub. 

And no, he did not check out after finding the live scorpions; he says he stayed until the end of the trip but slept with “one eye open.”

6. A Cleaning Blunder: Encountering Make-Up and Hair in a Supposedly Clean Bed 

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One user shares that she and her family, including ten siblings, were on a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland. When they arrived at the hotel, she found her pillow had a full face of makeup showing on it and hair in the bed. It was as if the maid had simply flipped the pillow over to appear clean.

The hotel comped their room that night, and her Dad was so happy about saving money (since they had multiple rooms for their big family) he bought her an embroidered hat at the amusement park. 

7. Unpleasant Surprises: The Tale of the Decomposed Rat 

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Another respondent checked into a room that was so dusty it clearly had not been used nor cleaned for ages. In the middle of the floor lay a decomposing rat, which filled the room with a foul odor. She got a refund, but only after a fight with the front desk staff. 

8. Intruding Belongings: The Mystery of Another Guest’s Luggage

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A reader says they checked into a nice hotel on their honeymoon, then went to dinner. When they returned, they noticed someone else’s luggage in the room and signs that someone had taken a shower. They notified the hotel manager, who, after making an attempt to find the other guest, ended up putting them in the honeymoon suite and comping their night’s stay. The reader shared that they couldn’t have afforded that suite, so it all worked out great in the end!

9. Reptilian Roommate: The Surprise Iguana Encounter

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While staying in Grand Caymon, a woman shares that she and her husband checked into the hotel, put their luggage away, and immediately had to leave for meetings they were scheduled for. When she returned, she was greeted by a very large iguana next to the toilet. It was so large, the hotel staff had to call pest control to come remove it from her room.

10. Unexpected Roommates: The Tale of the Abandoned Cat

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Not to be outdone, another reader shares that they checked into a hotel, opened the door, and found a cat sitting in an unmade bed. Who leaves their cat in the hotel room?

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