South Korean Luxury Hospitality Shines at the Impressive LOTTE Hotel Seattle

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If Luxury is the Game, LOTTE Hotel Seattle is the Name. From the moment I walked in the door, I could feel it. It’s different. The kind of place you hope for in a luxury hotel but without the stuffy, artificial atmosphere found in some upscale accommodations. 

With more than 200 hotels in Seattle, LOTTE Hotel Seattle continues to score bragging rights by being voted one of the best in the city by top travel sites like Travel & Leisure and TripAdvisor. Bragging isn’t their style, though — exceptional service and hospitality are, and they’re among the best at that.

“Lotte Hotel Seattle’s South Korean luxury hospitality approach places emphasis on unparalleled service throughout our guest’s entire stay—from a respectful bow to a penchant for pursuing perfection in every interaction,” says Steven Kalczynski, Managing Director for the hotel.

Located less than two miles from many popular tourist destinations, the LOTTE Hotel Seattle is a luxury retreat in the heart of the Emerald City.

“Seattle has incredible accommodations and bespoke experiences for luxury travelers,” said Tammy Blount-Canavan, CEO of Visit Seattle.  “We’re glad to have the LOTTE Hotel Seattle as part of a very special hotel collection in our growing luxury scene.”

World-Class Design Marries Historic With Modern

Five-star luxury service, elegant yet playful decor, and sweeping views of Elliot Bay, all wrapped (literally) around a 115-year-old church building. These are the ingredients that, added together, make LOTTE (pronounced LO-tay) Hotel Seattle what it is today.

The architectural design is so subtle, so blended that you might not even notice the century-old church’s facade in the foyer when you first walk in. I didn’t but was immediately intrigued once I saw it.

The F5 Tower, a 660-foot-tall building that houses the LOTTE Hotel Seattle, was completed in 2017. With historical preservation in mind, the skyscraper was designed to include the church building sitting on the lot next door, and it became an integral part of the structure.

The Sanctuary — Seattle’s Gathering Place

Built in 1908, America’s first United Methodist Church was a gathering place for congregants to share life’s events. And while many church buildings have fallen into ruins, this one is well preserved.

It’s no longer a place of worship, but its enormous pipe organ and beautiful stained glass windows continue to witness gatherings that unite people in its one-of-a-kind event space. 

The Sanctuary Grand Ballroom, the most iconic banquet hall in Seattle, can accommodate up to 920 guests for receptions and 320 guests for banquets. Its unique features make it easy to see why it’s fast becoming one of Seattle’s premier wedding venues, and the LOTTE Hotel Seattle provides exceptional service for each event.

Reflecting the Northwest by Design

For passersby, F5 Tower blends in as part of Seattle’s impressive skyline. However, one step inside proves it’s anything but average. Philippe Starck, a world-class industrial French designer, is responsible for the modern theme throughout the building’s 16 floors LOTTE Hotel Seattle occupies. His use of art mixed with a woodsy motif is a not-so-subtle reminder that before the industrial boom, Seattle was first a logging town.

As I arrived at the reception area, I couldn’t help but notice the massive slab of a 3,000-year-old Sequoia tree that serves as the front desk counter. Bright orange carpets with timber patterns line the hallways. Polished wood stumps serve as end tables in each room, and artwork showcasing local Washington forests is displayed throughout the hotel. 

Starck’s signature use of chrome, wood, and mirrors reflects his style in each of the room designs, with a heavy emphasis on bold abstract symbols and playful design elements.

It’s an eclectic yet brilliant combination of elements that pull together to create the beautiful decor.

The Premiere Queen suites average an impressive 1,000 square feet of space, with floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of Elliot Bay below. One step into the bathroom leaves you with no doubt you’re in an upscale accommodation. If Starck’s goal was to flood the senses with a mixture of surprising components, he achieved that by using oversized mirrors and generous amounts of marble, creating a feeling of total luxury in what could otherwise have been an ordinary hotel bathroom.

The luxurious decor isn’t limited to the larger suites, either. Starck stamped his signature design on every room in the hotel, from the smallest room to the 2,097 square foot Presidential Suite.

Luxury Service With Korean Hospitality

You can’t stay at the LOTTE Hotel Seattle and not notice the staff’s elevated level of service. Housekeeping goes beyond making beds and vacuuming floors. Great care is given to the details while guests are away for the day. 

After a day out exploring Seattle, I returned to find my room not only cleaned, it had been cared for. The hoodie I casually tossed over a chair that morning was neatly folded and placed on the desk. Computer cords were carefully coiled, and shoes were lined neatly in the hallway. The cosmetic bags I left scattered across the bathroom counter? They were discreetly placed in a wooden tray, giving me an elegant way to corral my belongings. The lack of fingerprints or smudges on any piece of chrome or mirror in the room was equally impressive. 

“Respect is the foundation of all social interaction and etiquette in Korean culture, and this understated, almost untraceable, elevated level of service is at the core of the Lotte brand,” says Kalczynski. “The unique approach places emphasis on thoughtful human interaction, anticipating customer’s needs before being asked and creating a one-of-a-kind experience for guests that lives on in their memory forever.” 

Charlotte Restaurant & Lounge – Fine Dining With a Stunning View

The hotel’s signature restaurant and lounge (pronounced Char-lo-tay) offer stunning, panoramic views of downtown Seattle, Elliot Bay, and the Olympic Mountains. The menu reflects the hotel’s commitment to staying true to Seattle’s roots and features Contemporary Pacific Northwest cuisine. 

With many of the ingredients locally sourced, the menu is ever-changing to reflect what’s in season. Whether you come for a tasty meal prepared by the hotel’s experienced chefs or to share tantalizing cocktails and live music in the lounge, the spacious, open design provides a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy.

Enjoy Upscale Amenities in the Spa & Fitness Center

The waiting area in Le SPA de l’hôtel LOTTE may be one of Seattle’s most Instagram-worthy locations. The use of lighting and bright white drapery is a departure from the decor Starck uses in the rest of the hotel. The full-service spa offers upscale treatments and services, including a couple’s treatment suite with a walk-in shower.

In the 24-hour fitness room, floor-to-ceiling windows give guests a birds-eye view of the bustling streets below. The room has the latest cardiovascular and strength training equipment, a Peloton bike, and more so you can continue working out, even while away from home.

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