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I’m Karee and I’m so happy you’ve found our blog! I’m working hard to get things in tip-top shape here at Our Woven Journey so we can start sharing all the things with you.

We’ve got several trips coming up soon and I can’t wait to search out the coolest things to see and do in each place so I can come back and share it all with you here!

In the meantime…

I’ll be sharing some things I think you’ll love the next time you head to Maui (and how to get there, even if you think you can’t afford it,) write up details on the perfect itinerary for a week in Paris and London, and I really want to give you the scoop on how you can ride a toboggan sled down the Great Wall of China. (That was fun!)

Great Wall of China toboggan sledding
On the chair lift that takes you up the Great Wall of China to sled back down!

I hope you’ll feel like you could grab your favorite cup of get-me-thru-the-day, get comfy in your chair and come along on our journey with us. Honestly, that would just make my day.

Come to think of it, I might even share pictures of that time Olivia and I got pedicures at a salon in Guangzhou, China…because let me just say, you need to know before you go.

Of course, I also want to tell you all about how we completely remodeled our kitchen for a fraction of the cost a traditional remodel costs (if you’re in the market for cabinets, you need to read this), take you along as we rebuild our farmhouse table and maybe even break down the details on how to host a killer S’moregasbord Party for your friends. (Hint: it involves lots of chocolate!)

How to throw a S'more party
There’s always room for s’more!

I’m off to work so I can launch this blog with a bang! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you’ll know when it happens.

Be the reason someone smiles today, friends!

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Karee Blunt is a nationally syndicated travel journalist, focused on discovering destinations and experiences that captivate and inspire others through her writing. She is also the founder of Our Woven Journey, a travel site focused on inspiring others to create memory-making adventures with their loved ones. Karee is passionate about encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and live the life they dream of. She is the mother of six kids, including four through adoption, and lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest. You can learn more about Karee on her about me page.

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