Internship in Japan: How to Skyrocket Your Career While Traveling Abroad

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These days, many people are looking for work opportunities that allow them to travel more than traditional 9-5 jobs do. Although domestic travel can be done fairly easily, international travel is a bit trickier. One way to way to achieve this is to apply for an internship in Japan or another country that offers intern programs.

By applying for an internship, students can experience a new culture as well as set themselves up for success early on in their careers. Although there are many countries with internship opportunities, Japan is a highly sought-after location, especially for American students.

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Benefits of Japanese Internship

Japan is world renown for its high standards when it comes to academics. This carries through to their work culture and getting a chance to learn in an established environment is worth more than can be easily expressed. Interns will come away with a much greater appreciation for teamwork with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work for a Japanese corporation.

Beyond the benefits of getting to work in a culture that values excellent work ethics, living in Toyko is an adventure in itself. During the internship, students will have plenty of opportunities to explore Japanese cities, learn more of the language, shop the high-tech stores and eat at mouth-watering restaurants!

Being able to immerse in the Japanese culture is one of the main reasons Japan is a highly sought-after country for international internships.

In addition, being able to include a Japanese internship on your resume shows that you’ve taken steps to increases your knowledge and understanding in your field of studies.

Before Applying for an Internship in Japan

Before applying for an internship program, some things that can be done to help increase your chance of being accepted. First, brush up on at least the basics of the Japanese language. You aren’t expected to be fluent, but start now to learn as much as you can.

Your degree program should help you narrow down what sort of internship you’ll be applying for. For instance, if you’re looking for a software engineering internship in Japan, Honda would be a great company to intern for.

In 2019 the Global Competitiveness Report ranked Japan first in the world for research and development. It’s no secret that getting an internship in Japan, especially in technology or engineering, will give interns a strong edge when applying for jobs after interning.

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How to Get Internships in Japan

There are several ways to go about applying to be an intern in Japan. If you are very skilled in living abroad, speak the language fluently, and want a hands-off experience, then applying directly to each company is the way to go.

For those who need more assistance, going through a placement agency will cost more, but the benefits can easily outweigh the cost. First off, your application will be matched with the best internship opportunity available for you. No need to scour and translate each company’s website for job postings.

Next, the placement agency will walk you through each step, from visa applications to getting settled in your new environment. All the heavy lifting of the process will be done for you, which is worth a lot, especially for young people who have little experience traveling internationally.

The benefits of using a placement agency make it worth considering if you’re serious about applying for international internships.

Why Beyond Academy is a Great Choice for Internships in Japan

With all the competition for International Internships Tokyo has, Beyond Academy stands out as a solid choice for students. Not only do they provide all the hand-holding mentioned above, but they also guarantee placement in your preferred industry of choice.

With 18 industries to choose from (including fashion, technology, and engineering) you are sure to be placed with a company that will provide you with the experience of a lifetime!

In addition to the work placement, interns have the opportunity to participate in a bustling social calendar arranged by Beyond Academy. They will also arrange housing accommodations if you’d like, which is a great way to meet other student interns.

Japanese internships can skyrocket your career

Traveling During Your Internship

While getting to work in Japan can certainly give you an advantage on your resume, getting to travel is a benefit not to be ignored. Japan is a beautiful country full of history and culture and the opportunity to travel can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people!

Although Japan is not a large island, it has enough to explore to fill any remaining time left in your busy calendar. Simply put, you won’t lack for things to do while in Japan!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Beyond Academy. All research and opinions are 100% my own.

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