15 Most Thrilling Ziplines in the World

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Soaring through the sky and admiring exotic places from up above is an experience like no other. In fact, it is so amazing you might make a bucket list dedicated to ziplines! We’re here to help you get started with 15 of the best ziplines in the world.

Dubai XLine – Dubai

Dubai XLine
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Creative-Family

While most zip lines have you flying through or above the trees, Dubai takes you through the concrete jungle of one of the richest places on earth. Over 3,000 feet long, they strap you in like a plane flying over this wonderful place.

Haleakala Skyline Tour – Maui, Hawaii

man on zipline
Image Credit: EpicStockMedia | Canva

If there is one place known for its nature, it’s Hawaii. Their Haleakala National Park has five different zip lines that take you over forests, canyons, and even the island’s tallest volcano!

Tri Brata Beach Zipline – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Tri Brata Beach Zipline
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Joa_Souza

While Croatia is mostly known for its stunning Mediterranean beaches, this zipline is certainly a hidden gem. Follow the coastline just over 800 feet and admire the white sands and turquoise waters from above.

Morne Coubaril Estate – Saint Lucia

Morne Coubaril Estate
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/vernonwiley

Fly past another well-known sea at Morne Coubaril Estate, the Caribbean Sea! This historic park was built in the 18th century and takes you through old buildings and volcanic landscapes as well.

Zip 2000 – Sun City, South Africa

Zip 2000 - Sun City
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/t:Anna Gorbacheva

Want to ride the world’s longest zipline? Then check out Zip 2000, which is over 6,000 feet long and allows you to reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour! Certainly not for the faint of heart.

Stoney Creek Canopy Adventure – Seward, Alaska

woman on zipline
Image Credit: RossHelen | Canva

Alaska might be known for snow and ice, but this state also contains some of the most beautiful forests with huge trees. With this zip line, you can fly through these trees and maybe even catch a glimpse of an eagle!

Schlegeis Dam Zipline – Zillertal, Austria

Schlegeis Dam Zipline
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/marako85

This zip line takes you about 2,000 feet through some of the world’s most amazing ski country. After, you can enjoy some of that skiing or ice skating at the local resort.

Grand Canyon – Arizona

Grand Canyon zip line
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/LanaCanada

Combine two amazing things in one with this zip line. Fly across the western rim of one of the world’s natural wonders. Take in the gorgeous red rocks, desert flora, and dizzying heights like no other.

The Zip Zone – Bukidnon, Philippines

young girl on zipline
Image Credit: Ammit Jack/Shutterstock

Soar like a bird on Asia’s longest zip line. A little below 3,000 in length, this zip line takes you through some of the greenest forests in the Philippines. There is also an elevation drop that kicks up your adrenaline.

Hacienda Campo Rico – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hacienda Campo Rico
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/it:benedek

This isn’t just a zip-line adventure! Hacienda Campo Rico has two courses involving multiple zip lines, canopy bridges, and even cave rappelling! After your adventure, relax with a specialty drink at the estate’s mojito bar.

Toledo Zipline – Toledo, Spain

Toledo Zipline
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/JULIAN74

Everyone knows about the stunning buildings and culture that make up Spain. While walking the streets is enough for some, you can fly above it and even get a souvenir snapshot at the end.

Cape Tribulation – Queensland, Australia

Cape Tribulation Zip Line
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Pramote2015

Queensland is home to the world’s oldest rainforest. This zip line offers two things: a fun and beautiful trip through trees older than humans themselves and a way to minimize damage to this historical site.

Jaguar Paw Outpost – Belize

Jaguar Paw Outpost
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/swissmediavision

This is a zip line and guided tour all in one. Travel through this stunning jungle, learn the history of not only the land but also the culture, and then rappel back down to one of the many other tours Jaguar Paw Outpost has to offer.

Bovec Zipline – Bovec, Slovenia

Bovec Zipline
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Mny-Jhee

Another park for adrenaline junkies. Bovec, Slovenia, offers ten ziplines that take you over canyons and between huge mountain ranges. At over 4,000 feet above sea level, you are certainly in for a thrilling ride.

Zipline Utah – Dear Creek State Park, Utah

Zipline Utah
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/grandriver

This is the world’s longest zipline over an open body of water. It takes you about 4,000 feet over one of the many lakes that wind through this western state. You can even visit year-round, in sunshine or snow!

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