Texas Theme Parks: 10 of the Best Options Your Family Will Love

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If you’re betting on the Lone Star state to deliver Texas-sized family fun, you’ll win that bet. Everything is bigger in Texas, and theme parks are no exception.

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Statista forecasts annual revenue from Texas amusement and theme parks to top 779 million U.S. dollars by 2024. With so many to choose from, theme parks are one of the best entertainment options, no matter which part of the second-largest state in America you visit.

Saddle up for some fun while we dig our heels into ten of the best theme parks in Texas worth hollering about.

1. Six Flags Over Texas

Arlington’s Six Flags Over Texas is the company’s flagship park. It opened in 1961 and was the first theme park to feature Broadway-style shows. With award-winning roller coasters, incredible dining, shopping, and other entertainment, you’ll find plenty to do at this popular destination.

Starting with the roller coasters, Six Flags offers some of the most exciting thrill rides in Texas, including the Titan. This hypercoaster features a twister track layout. It holds the record for the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Texas, at 245 feet high and reaching speeds of 85 mph.

If you’re a D.C. Comics fan, you’ll love the immersive experience provided by Batman, The Joker, and Mr. Freeze. After the Batman ride, try other exhilarating rides, including the gravity-bending Pandemonium, the high-speed Shock Wave, and the scariest ride of all, the Texas SkyScreamer.

Andrew Herrig, a freelance writer and Dallas native, shares, “I grew up going to Six Flags Over Texas every summer with my family. I remember fondly the year I was finally tall enough to ride the Texas Giant – in those days, the largest wooden roller coaster in the world. The diversity of rides for all ages kept us going back, and the Roaring Rapids water ride is a must to cool down in the 100-degree Texas heat!”

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2. Morgan’s Wonderland

Look no further than Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio for an inclusive theme park in Texas. This fantastic attraction was explicitly designed for people with special needs and features 25 accessible rides and facilities for guests of all ages and abilities.

Whether you have a disability or not, you will love the variety of activities at Morgan’s Wonderland. From exciting rides like the 36-foot-diameter Carousel, a make-believe pirate island, an inspiration island, and an off-road adventure ride, there’s something for everyone here.

There are also special events and activities planned throughout the year. If you’re in Texas and looking for a unique theme park experience, check out Morgan’s Wonderland.

3. Wonder World Cave and Adventure Park

Welcome to the 105-year-old one-of-a-kind Texas theme park: Wonder World Cave and Adventure Park in San Marcos. Here, you will find natural beauty, history, and adventure all rolled into one.

Wonder World is the first show cave in Texas and America’s only real example of an earthquake-formed cave.

Although Wonder World has no roller coasters, it has many other attractions and experiences. These include a guided tour under the cave, where you will see stunning rock formations and crystal-clear water.

It also features an anti-gravity house — a topsy, turvy world where everything gets reversed. By reverse, we mean even the water goes uphill. Amazing, right?

With so much to see and do, Wonder World is an excellent option for families and thrill-seekers. Add this unique attraction to your Texas getaway itinerary next time you’re in the state. It will be a highlight of your trip!

4. SeaWorld San Antonio

This inspiring marine-life theme park offers countless exhibits, shows, attractions, and experiences. You’ll learn about different species of marine animals and can interact with them. You’ll also enjoy exciting rides and activities.

Get up close with some of the cutest, most adorable animals at Penguin Encounter, where you will see Gentoo, King, and Rockhopper penguins in recreations of their natural habitat. You can even feed them by hand and get Insta-worthy photos to show your friends.

You’ll also see incredible displays like the Sea of Shallows, featuring more than a few friendly aquatic animals. Plus, you can feed some of the animals yourself. It’s just one of the many ways SeaWorld San Antonio will leave you inspired and awestruck by marine life.

Beyond animal interactions, you’ll find adrenaline-pumping rides like the Steel Eel and the Great White roller coasters. Be sure to ride Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster, SeaWorld San Antonio’s newest thrill ride and the first of its kind at any theme park.

5. Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures

The name gives away what this park is about: big thrills, fun, and waterslides.

Located in New Caney, Big Rivers is a family-friendly Texas waterpark that offers 6-story water slides, wave pools, and the largest lazy river in the Houston area. It’s the best place to visit during hot Texas summers.

You can “brave the wave” as you scream your way down the storm surge. If you’re daring, you can plummet off a six-story tower at Frio Fall. Take the Pecos Plunge or “feel the force” with the Comal Crush. Try them all to find your favorite water slide!

Prefer to stay dry? No problem! Several spinning, swinging, and flipping roller coaster rides will keep you screaming all day long.

6. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

The thrill capital of South Texas is celebrating its 30th year, and there’s plenty to get excited about. For starters, you can hang tight on Dr. Diobolical’s Cliffhanger, the steepest dive roller coaster in the world!

At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, you can explore a German-themed village called Spassburg. Walk through the charming setting to find medieval-style architecture, shops, and art. Enjoy mouthwatering cuisine at Sangerfest Hall before heading out to see this theme park.

Other heart-pumping rides include the Fireball, Goliath, and Hurricane Force 5. With roller coasters, water rides, and other attractions for kids and adults alike, it’s no wonder Fiesta Texas is one of the best theme parks in the state.

7. Kemah Boardwalk

Have you always wanted to walk on the boardwalk like in those classic beach movies? Well, Kemah Boardwalk, located 30 miles from Downtown Houston, makes your dream a reality. This 60-acre theme park built on Galveston Bay has all the makings of the best summer getaway.

Buckle up for the Boardwalk Bullet – the Gulf Coast’s only rollercoaster – that reaches up to 40 miles per hour and takes you on a heart-pounding 92-foot verticle drop. You’ll blast within five feet of the water’s edge and experience 3.5 G-force before you finish the 3,236-foot track.

Cruise to the Boardwalk Beast for a thrilling 25-minute ride on Galveston Bay at speeds up to 40 mph. Get blasted with music, wind, and entertainment before returning to explore more of what Kemah Boardwalk has to offer.

There’s no shortage of fun and excitement at this Texas theme park. With 16 thrill rides, a Midway, an Arcade, and plenty of good food, you will have a great time at Kemah Boardwalk.

8. Houston Downtown Aquarium

For a different kind of family-friendly experience, head over to the Houston Aquarium. This popular destination offers countless exhibits featuring aquatic animals from all around the world.

You can learn about different ecosystems on the ocean floor and get up close to stingrays and sharks.

One of the aquarium exhibit experiences visitors love is the shipwreck. When you step into the sunken hull of the 17th-century Spanish galleon (ship), you’ll find a beautiful diversity of marine life. You’ll see eels, clownfish, a giant pacific octopus, and other fascinating creatures coexisting in this secluded environment.

Want to see a sunken temple? At the Houston Aquarium, you’ll find ancient ruins (legends of “El Dorado”) that house a variety of tropical fish. Educational classes and tours are available if you want to learn more about these unique creatures.

With so many exciting exhibits and activities, the Houston Aquarium is a must-visit for families, couples, and anyone looking for a fun education-themed experience in Texas. So, be sure to put it on your list next time you’re in the state.

9. Blazer Tag Adventure Center

Blazer Tag Center is the place to be for games and activities that are a blast! Laser Tag is the main attraction, drawing enthusiasts from far and wide to experience the largest tag arena in Texas.

Test your skill and agility in the laser tag arena by yourself or a group. It’s so much fun and an excellent alternative to outdoor theme parks during hot summers.

The center is perfect for birthdays, team-building events, and other special events where the goal is simply to get together and have a blast.

10. Houston Funplex

Proving that everything is bigger in Texas, Houston Funplex is every child’s delight. This indoor park has games, rides, and attractions that will keep kids and adults entertained for hours.

Ever been to an arcade that has more than 130 games? You’ll have to pull yourself away from the arcade to ride the bumper cars and airplanes. Kids can play on the Texas-sized, two-story indoor playground, go skating and even go bowling – it’s all available inside the Funplex.

With so much fun happening at Funplex year-round, it’s no wonder this is one of the best theme parks in Texas. If you want family-friendly entertainment, you won’t be disappointed at Houston Funplex.

Visit a Theme Park and Create Memories That Last a Lifetime

Theme parks are even better when you go with the special people in your life. Whether you’re spending a day with friends, family, or your significant other, these Texas theme parks are the perfect destinations to make lasting memories.

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