13 Texas Ghost Towns That’ll Give You the Creeps

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There’s something haunting about stumbling upon an abandoned town that was once bustling, full of life, and home to countless residents. Although it may be eerie, exploring ghost towns can be a fascinating experience, and the state of Texas has several documented ghost towns that are worth knowing about.

1. Belle Plain

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Founded in 1876, this town was once a promising place that had much to offer. Visitors could enjoy popular restaurants and accommodations, and the town eventually even featured its own college. While the establishment of a new town closer to the nearby railway instigated Belle Plain’s demise, you can still see the remnants of this place today.

2. Shafter

shafter ghost town
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When silver ore was found in the Chinati Mountains, the nearby land was quickly renovated into a thriving mining town. With the growing population, more businesses opened up until mine operations were shut down in 1942.

3. Lobo

Lobo Texas Ghost Town
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Get the rare opportunity to hang out with the 15 remaining people who call this place home by visiting this abandoned town in Texas. For some time, this town was the only place travelers could find water, but this claim to fame couldn’t sustain Lobo forever.

4. Glenrio

Glenrio ghost towns
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Included on the National List of Historic Places, this ghost town is a must-see next time you’re driving across the Lone Star State. If you’ve ever seen The Grapes of Wrath, you may be interested to know that the film was shot in this intriguing location.

5. Indianola

Buxton Park, Indianola
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Although many people tried to settle and make a permanent home in this town, many factors stood in their way and eventually led to the creation of this ghost town. One of the biggest deterrents was the weather. Sitting near the Gulf of Mexico, this spot is subject to many hurricanes.

6. Medicine Mound

Medicine Mound, Texas
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This town could never have been called a booming metropolis: the highest its population ever got was around 500 people. Nonetheless, families did call this place home until a 1933 fire marked the end of its heyday.

7. Terlingua

Terlingua Ghost Town
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If you’ve heard of any town on this list, it’s most likely this one. Its interesting name stems from the fact that three different languages were spoken in the area: Indian, Spanish, and English.

8. Independence

Independence Ghost Town
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The patriotic namesake of this now ghost town was inspired by a pivotal moment in American history: the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Now, people are invited to walk the village loop and learn about the history of the area and its former residents: a group to which Sam Houston belongs.

9. Catarina

Glenrio Ghost Town
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Like many US towns, Catarina was struck hard by the Great Depression. Today, visitors to the town will be met with the haunting remains of a simple restaurant and hotel that once held the lively chatter of a thriving population.

10. Sherwood

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It may be a ghost town, but Sherwood is full of beautiful scenery to enjoy when you want to take in some nice views. A main feature of the town is a clock that has its hands set to the hour of Abraham Lincoln’s death.

11. The Grove

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At one time, this town was the home sweet home of around 400 people who enjoyed living near the scenic oak trees that gave the town its name. Today, the beauty of the area still exists, but the many residents who could once be found there are no more.

12. Bluffton

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Nestled right next to the Colorado River, this town had an economic advantage when it came to securing water resources. Unfortunately, the amount of water proved to be disastrous to the town in time, because it was eventually completely flooded. You can visit the dried-up remains of Bluffton today and imagine what life was like for those who called it home.

13. Thurber

Texas red brick
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In the early 1900s, this town was absolutely booming when it came to coal production. But once oil overtook coal as the fuel supply for trains, this town’s doom was on the horizon. Red brick buildings remain as a solitary reminder of the lives and careers that played out in Thurber at one time in history.

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