15 Coolest State Fairs For People Who Crave Real Americana

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Between our 50 vast and diverse states, America has countless unique experiences to offer. One of the best ways to experience a taste of local life is to attend state fairs. These celebrations are all about people coming together to have fun, eat amazing food, and show off state pride for where they come from.

These state fairs were handpicked for their standout features and vibrant atmospheres. Ohio’s remarkable butter sculptures and Kentucky’s bourbon tastings highlight local culture and pride, while Arizona challenges the adventurous with its wild food offerings. Each is a celebration of its state’s spirit, offering traditional fair fun along with unique regional specialties that make every visit memorable. Here are 15 of the coolest state fairs from around the U.S. that you absolutely have to attend.

Alaska State Fair

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During the summer months, parts of this state experience more hours of daily sunlight than anywhere else in the entire nation. Due to this phenomenon, farmers are able to accomplish some seriously incredible feats of agriculture. So when it comes time for this festival, competitions to see who has the biggest, heaviest produce of all are the main event. Head on over to this fair if you’re hankering to see a 1,101-pound pumpkin or a 138-pound cabbage!

Minnesota State Fair

minnesota state fair -
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This fair’s nickname – the “Great Minnesota Get-Together” – speaks volumes about the vibes you can expect to enjoy at the event. Lasting 12 whole days, this fair allows plenty of time for family fun in the sun. One popular aspect of this festival is the free Miracle of Birth Center, where baby farm animals can be observed during their very first days on earth. FFA staffers and veterinarian volunteers are present to answer questions and educate the public as well.

Texas State Fair

Texas state fair Big Tex -
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As they say: everything truly is bigger in Texas! This definitely applies to their annual state celebration, because with over two million attendees rolling each year, this fair is always busy and bustling. Festivities are kicked off with a rousing parade on opening day which moves right through scenic downtown Dallas. A centerpiece of this iconic fair is Big Tex, a 55-foot tall cowboy statue that looms over guests.

Florida State Fair

Florida state fair ferris wheel -
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Taking place in the heart of Tampa, this fair boasts what is reported to be the tallest traveling Ferris Wheel in the United States: the Midway Sky Eye! Attendees can also experience what life was like in frontier Florida by visiting the Cracker County exhibit. Between rides, agricultural events, and even horse races, there’s no shortage of fun to be had in Florida.

Colorado State Fair

Colorado state fair -
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This famous fair in Pueblo is a must for rodeo fans and lovers of fried food. Spectators can be entertained by barrel racing, petting zoos, monster truck rallies, and more! Food fanatics can enjoy typical festival fare like funnel cakes and beer. One snack you can’t pass up is the Pueblo green chiles, a local delicacy.

Great New York State Fair

Great New York State Fair -
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As one of the most famous states in the nation, NY certainly has a lot to live up to with its annual fair—and this event does not disappoint! If you’re looking to impress or be impressed, check out this fair’s numerous competitions. From livestock to flowers to arts and crafts, photography, and even poetry, there’s something for every interest and age group.

North Carolina State Fair

North Carolina state fair -
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You could be one of a million annual visitors to enjoy this packed festival. Visit the Heritage Circle exhibit to see historic buildings and demonstrations of intriguing skills from our nation’s past, such as blacksmithery. Then, head over to Dorton Arena to enjoy lively music performed by some big artists. Past performers include iconic names like Florida Georgia Line, and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Wisconsin State Fair

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Do you love indulging in greasy, sugary fair food but have a small appetite that never lets you stay hungry enough to sample a little bit of everything? This state fair has the ideal solution: Crazy Grazin’ Day, where fair foods are available in mini sizes for a lower cost! Grab some bites to eat and head over to this fair’s free stages, where all sorts of genres, from country to R&B and even live comedy, can be enjoyed.

Iowa State Fair

Iowa state fair -
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People from all over the country flock to see a certain sculpture at this event. The art piece is made not from stone or metal, but from butter! It’s a Butter Cow that weighs about 600 pounds. You’ll want to arrive early for this fair so you don’t miss the opening parade, which is the largest parade in the entire state.

Washington State Fair

Washington state fair -
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Fans of fireworks will love the spectacular shows the Washington State Fair hosts on Friday nights. During the daytime, visitors can enjoy fun and educational exhibits. For instance, a “farmer for the day” experience allows kids to interact with agricultural elements to learn about food production. Another popular attraction is the Fine Art Show, where you can be amazed by original works from local artists. Daily demonstrations take place so you can see the creation of art live and up close.

Ohio State Fair

Ohio state fair -
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Held in Columbus, this fair is a blend of traditional and contemporary attractions, drawing large crowds each year. Highlights include one of the largest junior fair livestock shows in the nation and the famous butter sculptures that often depict themes celebrating Ohio’s history and culture.

Kentucky State Fair

Kentucky state fair -
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The Bluegrass State Fair in Louisville showcases its deep agricultural roots with horse shows and bourbon tastings. Don’t miss the “Pride of the Counties” exhibit, where you can explore miniature versions of what makes each Kentucky county unique.

Arizona State Fair

Arizona state fair
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Located in Phoenix, this fair heats up with thrilling rides, a concert series featuring nationally recognized musicians, and a competitive livestock show. If you’re feeling brave, try some of the adventurous fair foods, like deep-fried scorpions or rattlesnake sausage.

Oregon State Fair

Oregon state fair -
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Celebrated in Salem, this fair is where fun meets agriculture and art. Be sure to visit the unique visual arts competitions and the giant pumpkin weigh-off. The fair also features a variety of craft beer and wine from local Oregon producers, showcasing the state’s renowned craft beverage industry.

Georgia State Fair

Georgia state fair
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This fair, held in Hampton, is smaller than some but packed with charm and deep Southern heritage. It features classic fair attractions like carnival rides and petting zoos, along with unique events such as pig races and live country music performances, capturing the true spirit of Georgia.

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