9 Signs You’re Ready to Retire (And 3 You’re Not Even Close)

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Ready! Get set! Retire!

Well, once you’re confident that you have everything you need. But how do you know it’s time to say goodbye to the daily grind? Here are nine tell-tale signs that you’ve thought your retirement through and are ready to start the process—as well as three others that could suggest you aren’t.

1. You Can Fund the Retirement You Want

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Have you thought about what your retirement looks like? Knowing what kind of retirement you want, whether sailing around the world on a boat or enjoying quiet afternoons on the couch reading a good book, will help inform your budget. And if you have what it takes (money) to make it happen, you’re probably more ready than you realize.

2. You’re Fully Debt Free

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Debt hanging over your head never feels good, but it’s doubly problematic if you’re retired. Settle your debts before you retire to get that extra sense of security.

3. You’ve Made a Retirement Budget

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If you’ve planned your dream retirement, hopefully, you’ve also made a budget for it. If you still don’t know where your money will go, it’s wise to wait until you do.

4. You Have a Healthy Emergency Fund

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Expense the unexpected: a well-fed emergency fund is crucial to having a comfortable retirement. Without it, you could land yourself in some tricky financial situations down the line.

5. You Understand Social Security’s Role in Your Retirement

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How does Social Security fit into your budget? Do you have a good idea of how you’ll allocate these funds? You’re on the right track if you’ve already thought about these things.

6. You Aren’t Supporting Kids or Parents

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An empty nest is fit for retirement. Anyone still supporting kids or parents will likely need the stable income of a full-time job, so there’s a good chance retirement won’t be feasible until something changes,

7. You’ve Hit the Full Retirement Age

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Here’s a more obvious sign: you’re ready to retire because you’re eligible! Truthfully, few other things on this list matter if you technically aren’t eligible to retire.

8. You Have Options to Make Money As Needed

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Keeping your options open during retirement is essential, but it’s just as crucial to have those options available even before you retire. That way, you aren’t scrambling to make cash on the side; you always have an avenue to make extra money when needed.

9. You’ve Hit All Your Career Goals

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Did you beat the game of Life? If there’s not much left you want to accomplish at work, it’s time to savor your victorious career and rest easy, knowing you gave it your all. But if you feel like your work is unfinished, maybe you want to meet those goals before you fully retire.

Are You Really Ready?

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Even if you feel confident about a few of these signs on the list, the three below tell a very different story: maybe you’ll want to wait and settle some things before retiring.

1. You Haven’t Redone Your Portfolio With Retirement in Mind

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Your portfolio should reflect your retirement goals. Peruse your options and speak with an advisor to move things around if needed – this is an absolute must if you want to retire with peace of mind.

2. You Don’t Know What You’ll Do With Your Extra Time

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If you can’t envision yourself retiring, then you’ll have a hard time filling your days. First, decide how you want to spend your retirement. There’s not really a wrong way to spend your time – you throw yourself into passions or just laze about relaxing and spending time with family. But you probably won’t do much if you don’t pick something ahead of time.

3. You’re Struggling to Cover Living Expenses

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Struggling with living costs is a reality that many people will experience at some point in their lives. However, if that point is now, retirement should probably be at the absolute bottom of your priority list. Focus on getting your finances above water as much as you can. Because if you think you are having a tough time with living expenses now, it certainly won’t get easier when you retire.

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