12 Best Barbecue Joints in Texas

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In Texas, barbecue isn’t merely a meal; it’s almost religion. Dining at a Texas barbecue joint is often as much a cultural experience as it is a religious one, and people leave their differences and their politics behind when they walk through the doors. Texans take their barbecue very seriously, especially when it comes to brisket, pork ribs, and sausage. And they don’t pay short shrift to things like sides and sweet tea, either.

While no one will ever agree to one definitive ranking of the 12 best barbecue joints in the state, a lot of names come up repeatedly, and they’re listed in this article.

1. Franklin Barbecue

Franklins BBQ
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Few dispute that Franklin Barbecue, located in East Austin and casually called Franklin’s, has Austin’s best barbecue, and many hold that it’s the best in the state. Owner Aaron Franklin got his start hosting his own backyard barbecues, moved on to a trailer, and finally opened his own restaurant. People often line up hours ahead of opening to make sure they get some before it sells out.

2. Smitty’s Market

Smitty's Market
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Lockhart is officially known as the “Barbecue Capital of Texas,” Smitty’s is one of three big names in Lockhart. Among its many standouts is the prime rib, not commonly served at barbecue joints.

3. Goldee’s BAR-B.Q

Texas Barbecue sign
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Goldee’s in Fort Worth got its start just back in 2020, but that didn’t keep it from earning the designation of Texas’s top barbecue joint for 2021 by Texas Monthly. Try the Laotian sausage served over sticky rice; it’s a special creation by one of the 5 owners.

4. Snow’s BBQ

man grilling bbq
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Lexington is home to this top-notch joint known for keeping things simple and delicious. Most of the credit goes to 88-year-old pitmaster Norma Frances “Tootsie” Tomanetz, who’s still at it every day they’re open.

5. la Barbecue

bbq sandwiches
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If there are any serious contenders to Franklin’s for best barbecue in Austin, this is one of them. Like Franklin’s, it’s in the eastern section of the city. Lines frequently wrap around the building, and the restaurant was founded by LeAnn Mueller in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

6. Interstellar BBQ

chef slicing bbq ribs
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Don’t let the location in a strip mall in the northeastern part of Austin fool you. This is another joint that can compete with Franklin’s. Although it’s only been open since 2019, it’s been named the second-best barbecue in the state by some judges.

7. Cattleack Barbecue

texas bbq platter
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Low and slow has never been truer than it is at this Dallas restaurant. If you want to make sure to enjoy one of the weekly featured specials, arrive early. The Cattleack is also popular because of its BYOB policy.

8. Pecan Lodge

bbq meats on smoker grill
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Found in Dallas’s Deep Ellum neighborhood, the smoked meats here justify the typically long lines. Everything’s made from scratch here, and the sides are as good as they get.

9. Truth Barbecue

Texas bbq plate
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Truth Barbecue got its start in a rural roadside shack in Brenham, between Austin and Houston. After just two years, Texas Monthly had put it at #10 on its list of best barbecue joints in the state. By 2021, it had risen to #3.

10. Heim Barbecue

texas bbq samples
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As you’d expect, everything’s great at this joint, another in Fort Worth. However, Heim Barbecue has something special: its bacon burnt ends. The recipe is a closely kept secret, but they always come out chewy, charred, and caramelized.

11. Blood Bros. BBQ

Texas bbq meal
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Brothers Robin and Terry Wong, along with their friend Quy Hoang, Houston’s first Vietnamese, founded this Houston joint in an inconspicuous strip mall. Because there’s no fixed menu, there’s always a reason to come back to see what the latest savory foods the owners have cooked up are.

12. Burnt Bean Co.

bbq meat
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October 2020 was during the height of the pandemic, a time that was rough on restaurants all over the country. However, that didn’t deter two pitmasters from opening this joint in Seguin. From the lines that regularly form at the Burnt Bean Co., it’s apparent that their bet paid off.

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