11 Facts About Airplanes You Probably Didn’t Know

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Most of us have ridden on an airplane, and some of us might have a basic understanding of how they work, but there is always more to learn. Keep reading for facts about airplanes you probably didn’t know!

Their Tires Are Specially Designed

planes tires
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The tires on planes can handle 38 tons and hit the ground going over 100 mph over 500 times before needing to be replaced! 

No Seat Is “Safest”

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We’re not excited to share this fact, but unfortunately, the survivability between the front, middle, and back of the plane is only off by one percentage point. On the plus side, that percentage is still higher than zero.

There Is Specialty Tape to Fix the Plane

Tape fixing plan
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There have been plenty of viral pictures of tape seemingly holding aircraft together. That is called speed tape and comes in at $700 per roll.

Planes Can Still Fly After Losing an Engine

Planes Engine
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This is a refreshing fact after the seat one we mentioned earlier. Planes are still good to fly, some for up to five hours, after losing the use of one engine. We will still freak out, but maybe a little less.

Planes Can Be Struck by Lightning

Planes Can Be Struck By Lightning
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Being giant metal objects in the sky, it’s no surprise airplanes get hit with lightning. They are specially designed however to channel that current through the fuselage and out through the tail.

The Tiny Hole in the Window

airplane window over island
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There are three panes of glass in airplane windows. The outside one keeps the outside out, the middle one is a failsafe if the outer one cracks, and the inner one has a hole to regulate pressure for the middle one.

The Infamous Black Box Is a Lie

Infamous Black Box
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Ok, we’re exaggerating a little bit here. The black box is genuine, but it is bright orange, which feels like a lie. This does make it easier to find after an accident though.

Landing Is the Most Dangerous

Landing accident
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Many people don’t like the turbulence and have an image of the plane plummeting from the sky in their heads. The most dangerous moments are those final few as the plane descends and lands making up for 48% of accidents.

Bathrooms Don’t Really Lock

Bathrooms Don’t Really Lock
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This is a whole new fear for us now, but for obvious reasons, plane bathrooms can be accessed by staff at any time. Don’t worry, though. They will respect the “in use” sign unless you’re doing something dangerous.

What Are Contrails

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Contrails are condensation, hence the “con” at the beginning of their name. Hot water is pumped through and out of the exhaust of the plane, turning to visible white vapor when it hits the cool air.

Plane Doors Can’t Open Mid-Flight

Plane Doors Can’t Open Mid-Flight
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We are going to end on a good note. All those shows you have seen where a plane door is opened mid-flight, causing instant chaos, are purely movie magic. There is simply too much of a pressure difference that only the Incredible Hulk would be able to manage.

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