Castles and Culture: How SouthWest Germany Captivates American Wanderlust

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In 2022, more than 5.3 million Americans visited Germany — the third-highest contributors to the country’s international tourism. The allure? The country’s iconic storybook castles and deep historical roots immerse visitors in its culture and scenic landscapes.

According to the German National Tourist Board, Americans say sightseeing and culture are the primary reasons for visiting Germany (56%). The desire to experience something new ranks second (40%), with exploring nature and landscapes also a significant draw (36%).

With international travel expected to continue increasing in 2024, Germany prepares to welcome more than 35 million visitors from around the globe, including a growing number of Americans seeking an authentic cultural experience not available in the States.

SouthWest Germany attracts travelers with its historical landmarks and superior luxury hotels, offering a blend of cultural heritage tours and great accommodations.

“In SouthWest Germany, it is easy to combine lots of different activities,” says Oliver Gelhardt, Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg. “Enjoy a great cultural experience, a high-class dinner afterward, and amazing views on your hike the next day. You will not have to travel far to get the ideal mix.”

SouthWest Germany: A Hub of Luxury and Culture for American Tourists

While cities like Berlin are popular, SouthWest Germany has an allure of its own, drawing Americans in with its offerings. The region is home to some of Germany’s finest five-star hotels, known for their supreme comfort and impeccable service. These establishments, set against a backdrop of historical significance and scenic beauty, demonstrate why this area of Germany  attracts so many American visitors.

Baden-Baden: A Fusion of Tradition and Luxury

U.S. News & World Report ranked SouthWest Germany’s Black Forest, including Baden-Baden, as the country’s fifth most popular tourist destination. Long known for its natural, healing springs, Baden-Baden has blossomed into a destination for world-class shopping, renowned museums, an exclusive casino, and centuries-old castles.

At the heart of this upscale setting is Brenner’s Park Hotel & Spa. The hotel is not just a retreat for those seeking relaxation and wellness, but has also been recognized as Falstaff Hotel Guide’s “Best Hotel in Germany” for 2023 and claimed a spot in Condé Nast’s Top 10 Reader’s Choice Awards for “Best Destination Spas in Europe.”

“The heart of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa is my team, which I am honored to work with,” says the hotel’s managing director, Henning Matthiesen. “I am very proud of their passionate commitment to our valued hotel guests. By transforming their precious time into magical moments, we ensure that Brenners will continue to maintain its traditional place amongst the European luxury grand hotel industry.”

This hotel’s dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed, making it a favorite among many American celebrities over the years, including notable figures like Frank Sinatra and Bill Clinton.

Heidelberg: Preserved Beauty and Romantic Ruins

Heidelberg, another popular tourist destination in SouthWest Germany, stands out as one of the country’s most picturesque towns. It escaped the widespread destruction of World War II and attracts visitors with its enduring romantic charm, evident in historic sites like the beloved Old Bridge and the ruins of the 13th-century Heidelberg Castle.

Heidelberg’s esteemed Hotel Europäischer Hof, a recipient of the Best Hotel in Historical Architecture in Germany award, is a testament to the city’s grandeur. This family-owned 5-star hotel welcomes those who appreciate history intertwined with modern luxury.

“With a legacy spanning over 150 years, it is not just a place to stay, but a haven with a unique soul and deeply personal service,” says Dr. Caroline von Kretschmann, hotel manager.

Nestled in the heart of Heidelberg, guests enjoy not only the comfort and high-end amenities of the establishment but also its proximity to Heidelberg’s storied landmarks and attractions, all in an ambiance of warmth and charm that only a family-run hotel offers.

Castles and Culture

Home to the world-renowned Neuschwanstein Castle, which attracts more than 1 million visitors yearly, Germany has more castles than any other country. More than 25,000 of these structures pepper the landscape, and many are open for exploration.

American tourists are particularly drawn to Southwest Germany’s castles, palaces, and gardens, and this region has an impressive selection, each with its unique story and beauty.

“As someone who loves exploring historical sites, SouthWest Germany exceeded all my expectations,” said Rodney Blunt, an American visitor. “The castles are breathtaking, and the luxury hotels perfectly enhance the cultural experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip!” he said.

Rastatt Residential Palace

Rastatt Residential Palace is an impressive destination, famous for its early Baroque architecture and its historical links to the Margraves of Baden-Baden. Visitors can explore the interior, with its richly decorated rooms that offer a glimpse into the past. Inspired by Versailles in France, the palace’s gardens provide a beautiful outdoor setting. This palace is a top choice for those interested not only in historic architecture, but also in exquisite garden landscapes.

Schwetzingen Palace

Schwetzingen Palace is a must-visit for American castle enthusiasts. It’s famous for its beautiful gardens that mix styles like Baroque, English, and Turkish. The Turkish Garden is especially interesting because it shows a type of garden design from Turkey that’s rare in Europe. The palace, built in the 18th century, is important for its history and impressive architecture.

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle, sitting high above the Neckar River, is a significant highlight of Heidelberg. This castle, which mixes Gothic and Renaissance design, was started in the 13th century and is now partially in ruins. It’s known for its fascinating history and striking ruins, including the well-known Heidelberg Tun, the world’s largest wine barrel. This makes Heidelberg Castle a top spot for those interested in German history and architecture.

Bruchsal Palace 

Bruchsal Palace holds a special appeal. It features an extraordinary staircase created by the renowned German architect Balthasar Neumann. This staircase is considered the largest palace staircase in the world, making it a standout feature of the palace.

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